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Releases / Re: [HL1] RPG and Crossbow reanimated
« Last post by The ghost of Cliffmas FALs on Today at 05:37:04 AM »
Dropbox sucks, long live mediafire. It still has files I put up in 2010. :slow:
Discussion / Unforeseen Consequences: A Half-Life Documentary
« Last post by RavenGT on December 13, 2018, 04:48:12 PM »
Here's a little something to celebrate 20 years of Half-Life, a Noclip series documentary (Danny O'Dwyer, ex-GameSpot):

My memory is a little foggy but does the MP5 replacement at 29:02 look familiar?
Oh sweet! Yeah the rigging part was a huge pain in the ass for this actually, because of the way gearbox's arms are posed by default. I hacked the plane onto skyninja's hands because modifying AI's rig was a bit of a pain for m, much less fun than the modelling and UV unwrapping. Thanks for fixing these by the way.
I had to separate and readd the panels to the hands so it is properly rigged ( there's some funky panels that doesn't fully select when you select the panel as whole, probably due your editing for the Romka's elements but is tolerable ).

( Tested them on Source since I have several models just ready for compiling and was quickier for me to set up the new stuff rather than prepare it for GoldSrc ).

Does look decent on the movement and all, maybe it will look a bit weird the chrome texture but I think that's acceptable.
Personally for me I don't like these recolored arms, they are just bathed in orange tint.

If it were for me, I would stick with the classic arms since it fits better. I would make the hand panel clearer so it has the same "color temperature" than the rest of the arm, however.

Overall nice editing, can't wait seeing it released. I'm sending to you the fixed SMD ( I edited it in Blender so in any rare case it doesn't work for GoldSrc, just reimport and reexport it, or run that batch script which fixes this problem, it can be found at the Sven Co-op forums ).
They were definitely inspired by Renard's rig yes. I initially tried to fix his arms but they were pretty far gone, the hand packs were broken up, covered in smoothing errors, and there were chunks of overlapping geometry. I did use his recoloured sleeves though, which go pretty nicely with the handpack texture. I've gotta warn you, the vertex groups on the hands haven't been fully assigned, and I lost one of the verts on the glove part so I'm not sure how it's gonna look animated.


I used Romka's texture for the dial thingy, I forgot to include that in the credits.
Would anybody be interested in these? I might have to redo them because I had to do some unspeakable things to the verts around the glove to make that handpack fit. Also, just checking to see if I'm the only man alive who still lurks these forums.

Are these A.I arms with the screens, but actually have no holes on them like the hack that Renard did long ago?
Yea upload them, I wanna see them on close.

Also I believe the people here are in their own discord, I think.
Would anybody be interested in these? I might have to redo them because I had to do some unspeakable things to the verts around the glove to make that handpack fit. Also, just checking to see if I'm the only man alive who still lurks these forums.
Work In Progress / Re: HLR
« Last post by AleKK on November 21, 2018, 02:38:06 PM »
Hey, here's a suggestion. What if you add top handle for satchel? I noticed, that your satchel is very faithful to original design, but lacks that handle on top
Off Topic Discussion / Re: Random stuff thread of awesome
« Last post by Alexandra on November 21, 2018, 01:09:02 AM »
My '99 Civic EX. Motor's out of a '95 Integra GS-R and has 80k miles on it, but I've rebuilt it with new rings, valves, pistons, etc, so it might as well not matter at this point. Just waiting on a few (well, a lot, really) more bits to arrive and I'll be ready to drop it in by the middle of June. I've probably fondled every single nut and bolt in that motor at least four times by now given how many times I've combed through it.

Between what I paid for the car and what I've put into it so far plus what I've put into just this engine I could've bought a nicer car if time weren't an issue in my initial purchase...but it sure as hell wouldn't have been as fun or as 'mine' given every bolt in the engine bay will be my bitch come June when I rip this baby out:

Altho, to keep the trend of nerdiness going, picture of me/my friend's other project:

We were too lazy to fully remove the cylinder head and all the associated crap to replace the head gasket, so we used the side of an old computer case to prop it up. :sagan:

Now this is a blast from the past. Barely had any experience with a wrench back then, still don't, but I've got a couple dozen engine pulls and some weird "we have two to three shit engines let's make one work for cheap" Frankenstein builds for people, amongst other things, under my belt now

That motor's had 30,000 miles put on it and is back out of the car sitting in my garage waiting to be shipped off to get some major machine work done for the sake of upgrades. It's like things went full circle. Don't even have that car any more, it's sitting in a friend's field.

For the sake of content, this is the head from one of my roommates' car:

Just shy of 300k miles on the odo and the valves decided they couldn't be away from the pistons any longer. Sat in the driveway for six months before I efforted an engine into it.
Announcements / Re: Independent Discord Channel
« Last post by Megan on November 16, 2018, 07:18:02 PM »
Editor is one of them, I know that. Not sure who else is, Ackart and Belnoroth maybe?
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