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Discussion / Re: Need help again!
« Last post by PlayMann on September 18, 2018, 05:08:43 PM »
So when I had everything done (Beta models with the retail skeletons and retail animations) I got an error while I was compiling back to mdl from qc. This is only problem I am dealing with now.
Off Topic Discussion / Re: Random stuff thread of awesome
« Last post by Bekey on September 17, 2018, 10:57:53 AM »
don't forget the silencer, bud
Work In Progress / Re: [WIP] REV - Mod
« Last post by Heffernan on September 16, 2018, 04:05:50 PM »
Oh Myyyyy hoe time flies, i really forgot about this place but as im desperate for a bit small help i though id jump back in

since 2013 alot of stuff happened and we got alot of help especially from Legendaries like Shaphard62FR, Rara Cerberus and Admer, The303 or some people on Moddb, the Sven Coop people(who even allowed me to use there flamethrower they havent put in SC yet) or even Minuit from RECB

Lets Start with some Pictures?

New Hud: looks exactly like Resident Evil

Weapon M79 Grenade Launcher

Items will no longer be Picked up by Moving over them but by pressing USE to pick up, this includes Health, Weapons, Ammo and Items

When Zombies attack you you are Shaking a bit and will be Stunned for 2 Seconds so you cant move and should stay on Distance to them (OLD MODEL)

the most Exciting Change is the use of a new Entity called env_paper wich work like in Resident evil to Display Text Messages from a txt file (just the text and the window is made coded, the background is a small black room with the paper as texture in background and a env_camera pointing on it)

Resident Evil:


now also a SUPER Exciting Thing, we got ourself a complete new Model of a UBCS (Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service) for use made by a friendly modeller with Original UBCS Textures and a High Detailed MP5 with Laser Vision like in the Movie Resident Evil Apocalypse (the Base is a CSS model i think)

the NEXT Exciting Change is that we will have 3 Different Medic Weapons, in Resident Evil you picked up medkitsfor later use, in Half Life you run over them and they are used, in ReV you will pick up Medkits (max 20 of each 3) and have them stored in the weapon slot so you can use them later to instantly heal you (Green Herb 25%, Red Herb 50% First Aid Spray 100%)


STI Eagle 6.0

City Defense Map:

now another Exciting thing, i had seen a old mod wich name i forgot and saw they had the whole RCPD in it, so i asked a friend on Moddb if he could recreate it, he decompiled the original map, opened 2 editors and recreated it from scratch (if you decompile a map its 100% unusable as everything gets put into a single brush resulting in 1000% more brushes and a unplayable map so i told him to 100% recreate parts of it)

when you Shoot Enemies and they explode they have Bodyparts flying around creating even more blood decals

HID Information Display like in Sven Coop (again thx to Shephard for this brilliant work)

Startmenu (not finished)

Albert Wesker (the Endboss)

Survivor thats fully Functional as Barney and will help you fight:

now this is one of the most exciting things, going away from shitty or crappy HL Zombie models someone took the L4D1 Zombie Models and recompiled them for us (not fully working right now)

Way to the Umbrella Lab, Fully Working, the Umbrella Scientists and the Security try to escape but the UBCS Bombed the Bridge and then arrive to gun them down (seen from a window)

Texlights showing Biological Waste

Part of a WIP Way to the Umbrella Lab

Retextured Black UBCS Tank

Amusement Part Recreated after HL: Redemption, a few textures has been used but might be replaced, and i got Admer to take the original map decompiled and again from Scratch Reproduce the Rollercoaster, the rest was added by myself also from scratch

and now for the next Exciting thing, it took me days, moths even Millenials, but i managed to get a 100% working RMF map of the Mecklenburg map from The Specialist that has been released for free use and pimpd it up a bit

its a Fully made map with a Hotel, Burger Shop, Many Apartments, Boxing Club, Weapon Shop, 7/11 Supermarket, Hospital, Storage Area, Bank, Police Department, Bar and much more

Mission of the Map is to Stay alive for 20 Minutes and not die to Zombies, Weapons are Rare and have to be Earned but wait... you are not Solo (no not Han) i Scripted a System of about 150 Triggers, there are Items Scattered Around the Map
5x Sixpacks Beer
5x Medical Bags
5x Weaponparts
5x Ammobags
5x Cashbags
5x Planks

when you collect one of these the System tell you how many you have left of the specific type and after you collect 5 of each a Bonus will unlock like the Police Department defended by Officers, Security at the Bank, Healing at the Hospital, Weapons or... Drunken Rednecks protecting 7/11 for Free Beer

theres also a Display telling you how much is left to Collect, lighting Green once you got a item

oh and i also Bought the full version of the J.A.C.K Editor from Steam

now you might think... how can i participate in this awesome stuff?

what we need:

1x Modeller,
- take the Zombies and others (6 zombies or try to convert to 1, Grunt, Barney, Survivor, Scientist) and decapacitate there Bodygroups like in a sample model attached
- relocate a MP5s Hands cuz it looks really wierd

1x Coder:
- Produce a Bodygroup Decapacitation System for Models in wich you shoot them and depending on Hitbox (left arm, right arm, head, chest, left leg, right leg) they lose a bodypart
- might have guessed it... even MORE blood
- make the game randomly select a zombie at the placement of a monster_zombie or monstermaker from zimbie1,zombie2,zombie3 etc..
- Fix a bug in monster_grunt_repel

we need a PROFESSIONAL mapper to take a few of our maps and beautificate them and if it doesnt look to good recreat the intro based on re3.

also one for Completely Creating Map9, needs to also have Professsional Experience and imagination to completely recreate a Huge Umbrella Laboratory (Screenshots as exampl e will be provided)

PLEASE NO BEGINNERS i had a guy come up to me saying hes Expert and Professional then questioned when he couldnt find leaks or build huge Skyboxes around maps so please dont even try im not the best mapper but not that dumb or delusional.

we offer a nice spot in the Credits and the Game Intro/Offtro as payment and our everlasting gratitute (for the coder i could also offer a bit cash but it would be really really low like 20-30 wich is basically a insult).

Off Topic Discussion / Re: Random stuff thread of awesome
« Last post by SPRKH on September 16, 2018, 09:03:40 AM »
I just acquired a Khyber Pass Martini-Henry Mk 1 with pristine rifling (miraculously). Gonna have to sort out my ammo license next.  :smile:
Discussion / Re: Need help again!
« Last post by SPRKH on September 15, 2018, 12:24:38 PM »
As a person that was heavily involved in the DoD scene, I can tell you you'd have to recompile both models and reassign the model mesh to the new animations since they are entirely different.

Do they also use a different bone structure? If not, it's as ez as swapping ref smds.
Discussion / Re: Need help again!
« Last post by Editor on September 15, 2018, 07:16:11 AM »
As a person that was heavily involved in the DoD scene, I can tell you you'd have to recompile both models and reassign the model mesh to the new animations since they are entirely different.
Discussion / Need help again!
« Last post by PlayMann on September 14, 2018, 09:58:35 AM »
Hello there. You may remember me from the counter strike beta models discussion, now here I am with something different. Now, I would love to replace the Day of Defeat retail models with the 3.1 ones, but I'm having some problems, like what am I going to do with gear bodygroup and other stuff. If you know how to do this, please let me know, I want to get this finished! I will also credit you at the end since I will probably post it at gamebanana.
Work In Progress / Re: [56K Turbosmooths] Developer's Work-In-Progress Thread Redux
« Last post by Garompa on September 13, 2018, 05:48:43 PM »
I hate google drive because there are always problems with the sharing and permissions.
Either way here you go
Work In Progress / Re: [56K Turbosmooths] Developer's Work-In-Progress Thread Redux
« Last post by H3000 on September 12, 2018, 08:26:47 PM »
Well you're welcome to do that :) That's very kind of you.
Maybe if you used Google Drive to upload them and leave the link right here? :)
Work In Progress / Re: [56K Turbosmooths] Developer's Work-In-Progress Thread Redux
« Last post by Garompa on September 12, 2018, 03:02:20 PM »
hey H3000, I've been doing the same thing! but just for myself. I didn't finish it and I don't think I will. Perhaps I can give you the stuff I have and see if you can find something useful? Credits are non existent, I used sven coop's base content and stuff from all around, most of them from packs that have no credits or are 10+ year old (HIT stuff).
I made: barney, barnabus, agrunt, agruntf, bullsquid (the eye skin has to be fixed), otis, otisf, islavef, every w_ model (except weapons), gibs and projectiles

edit: BTW, I stopped doing it since the official devs are actually doing this right now. Well, just the npcs. So I concentrated my efforts on the little less used models like gibs, projectiles and world models
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