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Author Topic: [STALKER: SHoC] Weather and Gameplay Tweaks  (Read 775 times)


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[STALKER: SHoC] Weather and Gameplay Tweaks
« on: December 04, 2017, 05:07:08 AM »
So, a while ago I was replaying the first STALKER and was really missing the improved features from Clear Sky/CoP. To remedy this, I made a mod compilation with the goal of updating SHoC. I figured maybe I should make a post here about it, since we all love great games here.


"The goal of this mod project was to 'modernize' Shadow of Chernobyl by bringing it as close to its sequels in terms of gameplay and graphics as possible. All weapons are reanimated using the Clear Sky hand mesh, overall renderer quality has been vastly increased and the Clear Sky dynamic weather system has been ported over to the older game. Additionally, blowouts now occur at random, equipment can be repaired by traders, the ability to sleep has been added to the game and you'll never be disappointed by finding an empty stash again. The sun, which was removed in the default weather cycle, has been restored and now moves across the sky realistically. The trading economy has been significantly tweaked. All traders now sell all weapons, armors and ammo; and the player starts the game with 6000RU. In addition, ALL submachine guns and almost all shotguns are now secondary weapons that can be placed in the pistol slot."

Basically, it's all my favorite STALKER mods glued together with a ton of custom scripting. I also ported the STOCK Clear Sky/CoP dynamic weather system to the older game. This should help a LOT to maintain visual consistency between the titles.


- Kingfriday (SRAP)
- Meltac (Dynamic Shaders)
- Kingo 64 (Shaders MAX, MAX Blowouts)
- Frostbite/Jake (CS Trader)
- Asker (Stashed Mod)
- Shebuka (Repair Mod)
- ABC Mod Team (Various ABC Mod Assets)
- AMK Mod Team (Various AMK Mod Assets)
- ZRP Mod Team (Various ZRP Mod Assets)
- Dexxx (OGSM Blowout Assets)
- Dezowave (Priboi Blowout Assets)
- GSC Game World (Original Assets)
- Abyss 25 A.K.A JohnChronic420 (Merging, porting of Clear Sky scripts)
- And a special thanks to whomever made "Trader Mod v1.1", because
the readme in the original file didn't have a name in it.


Download from NexusMods:
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Re: [STALKER: SHoC] Weather and Gameplay Tweaks
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2017, 01:03:29 AM »
This looks and sounds pretty decent, is there any chance of making one for Clear Sky and/or Call of Pripyat?

Or does that seem redundant?
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Re: [STALKER: SHoC] Weather and Gameplay Tweaks
« Reply #2 on: December 07, 2017, 03:35:55 AM »
Well, it would be a bit redundant, although it would be nice to have the features implemented uniformly across the games (the trader in one game would behave the same as those in the other games, same dialogue tree, etc...). Unfortunately it's something I'll probably never find the time to do, although I may backport more content from CoP to SHoC to improve consistancy. Thanks for checking the mod out!
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