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Hey Garompa, you added a 1024x1024 texture to the nihilanth.
Can you also do that on the pit worm model?
Requests / [SC] Ported player models fix
« Last post by Steel on May 16, 2019, 01:21:43 PM »
Hi there.

I've got these three player models ported from STALKER: Clear Sky.
They're already rigged to SC skeleton, but it's not quite ideal yet.

While their arms and hands are somewhat acceptable, the legs are all plain weird. It's mostly visible around the crotch, thighs and knees.
There's also something wrong with the butts.

Could someone skilled please take a look and fix them for me?
I've been trying to do it myself, but it still turns out wrong.

I'm offering my eternal gratitude.
Thanks in advance!
Doing a thing an HL mod.

Quite fun to be doing something so low poly again (this is only 1500 tris)

Very nice work, Alex!
Releases / [HL2] Small Pack of Various Weapons
« Last post by clear.impact on May 14, 2019, 07:55:28 AM »
from juniez:
Hello, please enjoy this.

Please do not redistribute this as a part of a larger package.
Otherwise, please feel free to redistribute this zip, as long as this read me is included.
Significantly derivative work using these assets are also allowed.

Thank you,

hl2 hands file swapped and qc script edited with the $bonemerge command rigged onto some born to kill and insurgency weapons. also there's a reanimated version of the default shotgun and juniez's shotgun remake using some animations i found on the gmod workshop. note: there's a version in the archive with the default insurgency sound effects and the default hl2 sound effects for the .357.

here's some screenshots:

born to kill's double barreled (for crossbow slot):

default hl2 mmod python on insurgency's model 10 animations (for .357 slot):

reanimated default shotgun (for shotgun slot):

reanimated juniez shotgun remake (for shotgun slot):

new world interactive: .357 animations and sounds
myzombiekillerz: double barreled shotgun animations
shotgunnerfox: shotgun animations
shadow_run: original .357 port to insurgency
gunship_mark_ii: .357 model edits
juniez: shotgun model


double barreled shotgun:


reanimated shotguns:
Merry Christmas guys, here's a complete remake of the Lambda Complex's iconic chamber, set about an hour or two after Shephard unsuccessfully tried to grab Freeman. They'll be a little making of for this in the next update, and much much more to come too...


I love revisiting classic maps! is this a mod or a map for some mod?
Remods and Mod Specific Model Packs / Re: [SC] Huge Community Members NPC Pack (v5)
« Last post by Alex on May 11, 2019, 01:46:11 AM »

Beer doge is the best doge
Work In Progress / Re: [56K Turbosmooths] Developer's Work-In-Progress Thread Redux
« Last post by Alex on May 11, 2019, 01:38:15 AM »
Doing a thing an HL mod.

Quite fun to be doing something so low poly again (this is only 1500 tris)
The M40A1 seems to have its bolt clipping through when reloading its chamber.

Sound effects are inconsistent in quality, fuzzy 11khz/22khz side-by-side with crispy 44khz stuff.
I have reuploaded with an extra optional desert eagle animations (now the default pack contains the deagle with default anims instead). Bigger sized w_ models for some ammo and weapons, and a fixed 9mmhandgun slide on the v model (for some reason it had a seam). This should be completely final now! ENJOY!
Music / Re: What Are You Currently Listening To?
« Last post by Matuka on May 05, 2019, 09:53:12 AM »
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