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Author Topic: Ky's WIP thread [CSS mostly]  (Read 1520 times)


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Ky's WIP thread [CSS mostly]
« on: April 09, 2013, 03:22:15 PM »
Mostly waving my cock around begging for it to get sucked, but whatever.

One thing you should know about me - I tend to work on several projects simultaneously, spending a few days on X project until I get burn out of it and switch to another. Primarily my work here is either A, ripped/ported from CoD games such as Black Oops and Modern Warfare 1-3 or B, lulzy 1.6-era LD models up-ported to CSS using whatever anims I can find. In this case, mostly Toadie's sets - his tacticool pack for CS/CZ, and his 75th Rangers set for CSS.

Cliffy did a set of M14 anims and passed me the sauce. Initially, I simply rigged the (rather sexy) MW1 M14 model to it and ported to CS Sauce with the MW1 Marine sleeves plus a bit of phonging, something I've been working on studying various CSS models I've come across, producing this, which I'm quite fond of, other than the slightly fubar thumb. (Yes, the scope is reflective. You can start sucking now)

Then, today, I decided "lol let get some LD up in this bitch" and rigged the Firearms 2.5 (surprisingly detailed for it's era) arms to replace the CS1.6 arms for Toadie's CZ pack. Then I resmoothed (again) the Tour of Duty M21, applied some shaders (normal + specmap) and BOOM, here we go.

Ye olde 1.6 pack, Toadie's anims. Some shitty bare arms retexture for the 1.6 mesh, which I've ditched for obvious reasons. FA2.5 1911, filterraped and given normals and speculars because fuck you. Actually quite pleased with this one.

And now for something less likely to cause heart attack level butthurt - SUPER OMG HIRES shit. Oh, planning to compile/release a defaultized version of that pack for CS1.6, whenever I got off my fat ass and finish it.
Were this any more tacticool, it'd eject picatinny rails. Fortunately it isnt and it doesn't.
Toadie's tacticool pack DE anims, MW2 Rangers arms (rigged for GO by Greer/tweaked by Kyler, thanks pal). MW2 DE + red dot sight. Came to me in a dream, or something. Figured "why the fuck not" so I did it.
Would you take a motherfuckin look at that motherfuckin' phong. That shit's fo reeelz, niggas.
Found a MSG90 (G3/SG1 variant) model from somewhere, FPSB, some somewhat more sketchy site, not sure where. Looks like it's from some game, I'd guess one of those BF2 mods like Project Reality or something, not sure exactly. Rigged it to a set of Soldier11 anims that people aren't supposed to be using because fuck you (bloody manchild that he is, waah waah, people are using my thing without my permission) and applied the MW1 Marines sleeves like the rest of the pack.
MW2 SVD, Toadie's tacticool pack, MW2 arms. Bog standard compile, just very sexy. Speaking of MW2 & SVDs, I am highly disappoint that MP dropped the SVD in favor of the bloody WA2000. in James Bonds hands, this makes perfect sense. In 'MURICAN RANGER, not so much.
MW2 SPAS12, Roadie's tacticool pack, CSS/MW1 arms. Same story as above, only no whining about the loss of an awesome sniper rifle.