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Black Mesa (BMS) vs. Dark Energy

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Did you ever hear about this mod, or has someone else noticed it?
What do you think, which one will have the better models?


Vulpine Complex:
Never heard of Dark Energy, no. Got any links to it?

Oh. My. God.

Dark Energy looks amazing.  From what I'm looking at, I would say Dark Energy does a much better job than BM:S of creating realistic environments.  The maps have outstandingly good lighting and shading :O

Just look at this:

Best reconstruction of a realistic rocky environment bar FarCry2.

Hopefully we don't see it up close. A deep painted shadow like that on a flat surface would look stupid up close. Unless it's actually mapped in there and the shadows are the new dynamic ones in that case I would say holy shit.

Going to fail or be put on-hold until BMS comes out.They did a good job but nothing close to BMS imo.


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