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Might be me, but I think that all these sub-boards are messy and makes it hard to navigate to certain threads within them. If I want to check for a release for GoldSrc, I have to go to Content Creation > GoldSrc Games > Custom Content > Releases. I think it would be way easier if you would just condense the Source and GoldSrc forums, and make WIP, Releases and Requests sub-boards, like so:

Content Creation

* Work in Progress
* Releases
* Requests
* Tutorials?
Of course adding proper tags to know what's what would have to be "enforced", but that's not that big of a deal since most people do that already.
Same goes for the off-topic boards really, people do not really use the gaming sub-board (ArmA2 Appreciation Station, Meet the Spy, SC 4.0-4.06 Discussion Thread, etc) and it just makes navigation a bit clunky.

Yeah, I do agree. There are way too many sub-categories. Once Editor321 gets online, I'll confirm it's okay with him too and I'll sort it.

Vulpine Complex:
I agree with this as well, actually.




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