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Author Topic: [HL] [Crossbow] H4wk's Crossbow on Valve's animations  (Read 2071 times)


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[HL] [Crossbow] H4wk's Crossbow on Valve's animations
« on: August 17, 2010, 11:16:49 PM »
I cooked up some copypasta from HIT, I wanna hear what you nubs think.

There's a little story with this, bear with me, kids.

Right now I'm working on a pack for Half-Life, eventually OF/BS, possibly DY. For now just the royal three. So many animation choices out there, and for Half-Life, I want to have mostly the original style, I much prefer it over Gearbox's and most custom stuff out there.
Everyone uses the HD animations for the crossbow. Sure, they're nice, quite similar to the original LD ones. Subtle differences are what make the atmosphere more enjoyable. For example, on one of the fidgets for the LD crossbow, when he flicks his fingers, the wire and weapon itself actually twitch a little bit! Pretty awesome when I found that out. So I figured LD animations would be best for the crossbow.

If you've ever decompiled the LD crossbow, you'd notice it's got... a pretty stupid refpose for the hands. In fact, Valve's is the same as how the gun is held, it's a total bitch to rig anything to it without a lot of work. DiamonD was helping me change the refpose, but that had some glitches to it. Just for kicks I was messing around in Opposing Force with impulse 101 and noticed the crossbow... decompiled it and it has an easy refpose! Pretty much flat, It's the same as HD, easy work. I rigged the arms. The difficult part was rigging H4wk's Crossbow to it, the LD crossbow uses the strangest refpose, they basically dissected the weapon into pieces. Lots of work went into this, you'd better appreciate it!
/cool story from yer bro

As the title says, H4wk's Synthetic Crossbow on Valve's original animations.

Arms currently available:
Ambient.Impact's HEV arms
Ambient.Impact's HEV arms + Renard's hand paks (no missing faces and raped smoothing as seen on his LD-HD arm release)
NEW: HD Soldier arms (whew that was a lot of work)

I could rig AI's OF/BS arms if anyone wants them.

-model by Gearbox, Red Slug, Stoke
-skin by Red Slug, Stoke, H4wk, Jack-o-Dragon, Besli
-animations by Valve
-AI HEV arms +- hand paks rigged by waqwarrior

I'm using Besli's HD style wood grips, if you want the originals, along with p/w's, go here.

Only issues I can think of off the top of my head would be the arm clipping through the weapon a bit, but that was on the LD OF arms as well, albeit not as noticeable. The wires aren't perfect, it seems like, but they were a pain and it's fine. Any others let me know.


EDIT: An -orgasmic- screenie for you.
Saved in shitty JPEG so you can download and get the full beauty ;)