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Author Topic: [SOURCE] Black Mesa Textures Set 3  (Read 2045 times)


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[SOURCE] Black Mesa Textures Set 3
« on: January 05, 2008, 07:19:34 AM »
Recent release of my textures pack.  ;)

Black Mesa Texture Set 3

Here is the third Black Mesa Texture Set. It's not much, but you wouldn't want to decline such a generous offering, especially when these textures are glorious and hot looking, would you? I don't think so. All of these textures were made from scratch. I noticed my improvement from the first texture pack. I gotta admit that I'm proud of it. Anyway, here's a short description about the pack.

There are total of 10 textures inside. Most textures used specular and normalmap. Only one possessed heightmap for the Parallax Shader. To use the Parallax feature, you must enable it through a small coding. The metal textures might be too shiny so I suggested that you tone it down a bit by opening up the VMT files with notepad. The tag that controlled the shininess is the "$envmaptint" and edit the three values. Pretty much everything is alright, I'm pretty positive that there aren't any problems I left out. If there are, forgive my terrible caring nature.

Please view the Readme.txt for more information! It's important! A changes in the rules, less strict, more freedom!
Well I didn't do the geo, so :v:.
And if I did, I would've modeled fucking everything.

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