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Some of you might have noticed that some areas of the forums have disappeared, these have been archived either due to the project being complete, terminated or inactive. If you would like to see areas of these forums or wish to have them reactivated then please get in contact with me or James.

I noticed the Forgotten forum has gone, there's not much point in it being there anymore really. Can you alter my title from The Forgotten team to "Dirty Russian" :P

Speaking of forum clean up, I just spotted bot spam in the achievements forum...

The same person (or bot?) keeps spamming the forum with that crap which is pretty annoying.

It's a bot, we need to add a capcha and deny users the ability to post urls until they've got 10 posts.

[edit]Seems they can get past the capcha easily, try this;


We've already got those things and more pal, it's humans registering for the bots I expect.


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