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Author Topic: Post what you're currently playing! [Screenshots] [56k is a JPEG saved in paint]  (Read 56147 times)


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Playing a game that's been a favorite of mine since I was very young (since I was in elementary, I think).

Battlezone '98. Now with a "Redux" makeover with new textures and models, better compatibility, and a mod-friendly setup. Some updates to AI, too. In addition to the regular game, you can also purchase the expansion pack, the Red Odyssey.

If you want a brief overview on what the game's about, here goes.

Behind the scenes of the Cold War, a secret war was fought in space.

In the 1950s, a meteor shower occurred near the Arctic Circle in the area of the Bering Strait. Investigation into the debris revealed a mysterious and powerful substance, metallic in form but also exhibiting vague biological properties; semi-living metal to put it bluntly. This element, dubbed "Bio-Metal," was simultaneously discovered and studied by both the Soviet Union and the United States. In the 60s, years of research revealed that the substance could be crafted into powerful devices, machines, and weapons. Upon realizing the Bio-Metal could change the face of war, both President Eisenhower and General Secretary Khrushchev ordered the creation of secret military forces (NSDF for the Americans, CCA for the Soviets) to secure footholds in space and secure control of the Bio-Metal.

Along the way, both sides discover the origins of the Bio-Metal lie with a mysterious extinct race of aliens called the Cthonians.

Sounds a bit silly, but the premise is executed so well that the silliness is mostly offset.
The game is part FPS and part RTS. While C&C Renegade is vaguely similar, Renegade is clearly a shooter first and a strategy game second. Here, strategy and tactics are just as important as the shooting.

Just finished "The Red Brigade," the Soviet campaign. Here you play Commander Aleksey Doyestevskiy, a tank officer who routinely has to deal with the toughest assignments while getting little respect from his slimy superior, General Romeskiy. Not only that, but Romeskiy routinely steals credit for his subordinate's accomplishments. In the last mission, the player gets the chance to give Romeskiy a taste of humble pie. If you choose to take the slimeball down, General Karnov (the supreme commander of the CCA) praises you for your ambition. Of course, there's a subtler way to get rid of him...

A pic from the loading screen, this is the Grizzly battle tank. It's sort of a mascot of the franchise. It's also unquestionably one of the best units in the game with solid weapons, speed, maneuverability and durability. It's also the default unit you pilot in the NSDF campaign.

At the wheel of a Czar battle tank, the CCA counterpart to the Grizzly.
The 4 off-white vehicles beneath the crosshair are also Czars. Not as swift as the Grizzly, but is slightly more durable.

In combat with a tough enemy.
This is an elite Grizzly belong to the Black Dogs, a dangerous and formidable covert ops unit of the NSDF. While mostly the same in appearance to the regular Grizzly, it carries more powerful weapons.

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