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I had a day of boredom today, decided to revamp a few things... and these three came out of it. I absolutely LOVED Corporal Dogmeat's version the HD shotbox, but the textures sucked. One day near this one I was playing Deathmatch Classic, and the shotbox textures on their shotbox was beautiful, so I had to have it on Corporal's HD shotbox! Then this came out of it.

Then on to the chainammo, HL-fan inspired me to revamp this model as he gave it SD textures, but no modeled-out bullets nor a modeled out original handle. :) So, I set onto this, and this came out of it.

And finally, Corporal Dogmeat's little hack of the .357 Speedloader. This model had many problems, yes. But, I came out triumphant by fixing all the errors and making the model even more awesome. I also removed the bullets by Wannabe, because they had many errors themselves. Replaced them with HDpack bullets, and made the speedloader all around more HD pack-like.

Also comes with a new 357 ammobox to go along with this.


New, improved, and fixed smoothing for christ's sake. Also new bullets modeled by me. I'll post these bullet models later on in here. If you want the source files, just ask.

Pretty good low-poly patch-ups, fits in well with the vanilla content of HL1. Keep it up.

Also due to the attachément limit, here's the download, yo.

Do you even receive 7 bullets from the 357 ammobox? I thought it was 6, however I haven't played it in ~8 months so I might be gay.



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