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Remember this Thread?

I'm trying to do something like that...
I'm using HD Models as the base and updating them.
The highest resolution on the skins is 256x256.
(I can do an SD Pack with 512x512 skins later.)

Download: HD Model Pack: Redux (WiP13)

I might help out, Promised Thomas I'd do a improvement pack for OP4-Redux. (But I've been so busy with being lazy  :sagan:)

Oh I remember this pack, his objetive was really simple: fix the Gearbox Improvement Package

I can't offer you my help, but I'll go for 15 days to a not-really-common beach...

I could help from time to time due to the fact I got school on my back with upcoming exams.

@Marphy Black:
hgrunt.mdl - Romka's Human Grunt (Preview)
- Gave them M4, improved mesh also by Romka
- Fixed super wide mouth controller problem
- Re-scaled model so they aren't so massively tall
- Removed unecessary/extra animations
- Removed unecessary/extra qc events in animations
Planned/Possible Changes
- Something, I'm sure

Can you tell me what scale you used?
I remade the grunts with a M4 (also done by Romka),
that had a 256x256 pixels skin and looked closer to the HD one.
I used source files of the Grunts, to compile it.
Because of the UV map shifting problem, you know.
So they now have the same Romka scale as before.

I can enhance the HGrunts more. Maybe it would be a nice idea,
to replce the second water can (on the left) with a grenade (or two).
Like on some old grunts I remember.
It would also fit with the pipetoss animation.

The right forefinger (pointer) can be rotated a bit more.

There was an Hgrunt model with an extra bone for the M4 magazine.
So the magazine was taken out, in the reload animation, and put back in.
But maybe that can cause problems...


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