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Author Topic: [CoF] Hand Rig - Delta Version - NEW VERSION!  (Read 1049 times)


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[CoF] Hand Rig - Delta Version - NEW VERSION!
« on: June 02, 2012, 05:10:25 PM »
*Edit* - The new version of the rig has been released. I remade the whole friggin' thing from scratch.

I finally figured out how to implement IK solvers successfully, and therefore have completed the latest version of my rig. The rig is relatively crappy, but hey, I am still a beginner; the rig works fine anyway.

Hand rig created by me (Bloodroke) on 3DS MAX 2012.

Skeleton, mesh, and hand textures created by the Cry of Fear team.

Original hand rig base (used for the camera) created by Nick.

I realize that there are still some major bugs in the rig, I.E. bones can be moved, some bones can be rotated in positions they should not be able to be rotated (I.E. the forefingers). I will work on fixing these problems for a future release. The inverted skeleton issue with the left hand is un-fixable (to my knowledge), although it still functions just the same as the right hand.

If you find any major bugs in the rig, please inform me, and I will do my best to fix them.

This rig was created to suit my tastes. If you do not like how the rig is set up, feel free to modify it however you choose. However, if you release your modified rig, you MUST credit me for having created the original rig.

Download Link -


6/3/2012 - Delta Version (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, [ Delta ], Final)  

- The whole rig has been re-created from scratch. The missing base arm bones are
now present, which eliminates several hand positioning issues.

- The gizmos and dummies on the left arm have been positioned more accurately. In the original rig, I simply mirrored the gizmos and had not placed them correctly on the centers of the left arm bones. The use of the "align" tool was not possible due to an error in the left arm bones, causing the points to all be inverted; I have no idea why these bones are like this, but the bones on the left arm were in that position upon import.

- The sphere gizmos for the sleeves have been changed to cylinder gizmos; cylinder gizmos are easier to select and look better in general.

- In the original rig, a glitch forced me to move the left arm sleeve into a different position; the sleeve is now in the original position that the hands were imported in as.

- The position of the base arm bones were left as-is upon import of the mesh and skeleton; I did not feel like changing them.

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