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Author Topic: Kind of a rant, why is the UK so obsessed with WW1/2?  (Read 1400 times)


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Kind of a rant, why is the UK so obsessed with WW1/2?
« on: October 12, 2012, 02:47:40 PM »
I was just reading that the UK Government is going to spend 50 million on commemorating the First World War at a time when there's a massive Government cuts everywhere, notably in the Military (who had their budget slashed by 80 million) and an economy in recession. This strikes me as kind of... stupid. I know it may sound insensitive to say that, but surely that money would be better spent on helping the living than forever wallowing in misery? There is nothing pleasant to remember about the war, certainly nothing that deserves spending on furthering a national obsession with depression.

Apparently half a million Brits go over to France to visit the war graves. Sure, I had relatives who died there too but I didn't know them nor will anyone else alive today. There is no need to go there. I really don't get why this country is so stuck in the past about something that is better forgotten.

I don't know what the attitudes to this are like in other countries, but here it seems kind of a national sickness; especially since to me it seems like other countries have moved on.

Rant over for now, I'd be interested to hear what other people think about this - especially other Europals.