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Meta Renderer
« on: February 11, 2016, 11:31:07 AM »
DISCLAIMER, This isn't my Mod, I'd just thought that I'd show this because it looks Good and I thought it could use some more Exposure.

It works with almost every GoldSrc Engine Game & Mod.


Meta Renderer is a GoldSrc engine renderer, which is developped as a Metahook plugin.


1.vertex buffered BSP rendering.

2.BSP detail textures & texture replacer.

3.StudioModel texture replacer & normal textures (per-pixel lighting).

4.Skybox textures replacer.

5.Decal textures replacer.

6.Water shader with reflection & refraction & fresnel & normal texture.

7.Dynamic Shadow with PCF shader.

8.HDR( High-Dynamic Range) rendering.

9.Texture Anisotropic Filtering.

10.Fullscreen MultiSampling Anti-Aliasing & Nvidia CoverageSampling Anti-Aliasing.(new version engine has done it before, I disabled it because it will influence HUD)

11.512 visedicts limitation cracked (render more than 512 entities in a visframe).

12.64 lightmaps limitation cracked (no more AllocBlock: Full error).

13.DDS & PNG & TGA textures are suppported now.

14.3d SkyBox like source engine.

15.Custom screenshot (exports PNG & TGA & BMP format images).