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hello im new here

I dont know if people are still using this forum but im gona try anyway, got a simple question maby more after depending on the answer.
Is there a way to make a prop (item,button,trigger,activator...) in server that make player respawn to another server ? and a way he can keep all is stuff (weapon and equipement)?


Horace Lapiasse

I'm not a mapper but you'd essentially need a map entity that would run a console command like "connect ____________" for that to work. As for keeping the kit; I don't think that would be remotely possible without some incredible code.

Any mappers here can be more precise on this answer?

It may be possible, but it would doubtless require a lot of coding effort. It's not something you could do in Vanilla HL or with any plugins that I know of (but it may be possible to make your own).


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