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"Half-Life: Caged" on Steam

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So, there's a remake/sequel of the classic 2002 Half-Life mod set to release on Steam in six days. Developed by Cayle George, who has worked at Valve and Monolith on games like Portal 2 and Condemned. The new mod looks freakin' dope.

So there's the facts, now here's the link:


Original Mod:


Played that map back when it was part of Project Quantum Leap, will be definitely excited to see how it all goes after all the years of experience Cayle must have now.

Indeed, the screenshots of the mapping look really solid, Cayle's industry experience is definitely showing.

Also, it's being released this afternoon! Hope you guys all find time to give it a go!

Looking forward to stealing that mp5

Played it for a couple of minutes.
Great mod so far.
The double secret achievement is interesting.


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