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Author Topic: [HLDM]Forgotten Bunker 2 Map  (Read 971 times)


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[HLDM]Forgotten Bunker 2 Map
« on: May 18, 2018, 12:15:26 AM »
Here's the description with trailer of a map my partner and I just released:

The action takes place in a forgotten presidential bunker. Players fight across not politically correct places where the USA flag is just there too often for no reason (LOL) like the presidential briefing room. There's an entrance, a main shaft, a main room and a couple of other side rooms such as the gym, dormitory and kitchen.

It really is a mix of two of the most popular HLDM maps: crossfire and rats but on steroids.

Since people's choice for maps expressed a drift from the common seriously-themed (by massively playing maps such as minecraft and lego world) and poorly-interactive designs, we decided to push on the gas and give people a mouthful by implementing:

   -a refreshing crossfire-like event system with 4 distinct self-explanatory events: Xen
   Raid, Water-flood, Nuclear Strike and Rapture

   which are no more no less than cancellable with the help of a numpad. The Xen Raid
   event adds an invited touch of coop in the current tired HLDM dynamic.

-and plenty of elaborate gag features to entertain players:

   -Activate turrets with the kitchen toaster.
   -Explode your mates from a secret tunnel terminal.
   -Disarm everyone with the help of a friend
   -Piss everyone by activating the center rotating platform.
   -Repeatedly kill a scientist in a booth though 3 different ways.
   -Get trolled in the engine room.
   -Monopolize the entrance by throwing genades that instantly explode down the main shaft.
   -Unlock the surface by defying the death path hazards.
   -Annoy everyone with the record player's songs.
   -Camp in an invisible hide-out and try to find the VIPs code.
   -etc (mini-games, easter eggs, trolls)...

You don't see that everyday. We cranked the dial to just under the GoldSrc's engine limits, squeezing as much stuff as we could. We're proud to present it as one of the most feature-rich HLDM maps and are not one bit ashamed of it.

From thousands of hours playing through about 1000 maps while soaking in HLDM's culture, we though being good candidates to know what answered best the average player's expectations ... contrarily to conservative views. Stimulating Features VS More Inert Space. It's not perfect, but I think it hits what's relevant. Hopefully, you'll agree with us. In any way, enjoy this gift we made with all our heart.

Find the trailer on YouTube:

   Title: Forgotten Bunker 2 Map Trailer - Half Life: Deathmatch (With TL;DR Links!)
   Video Id: APp0RLRlk_k

Trust me, just look at the video, this work is worth a thousand words.

Forgotten Bunker 2 by Olo and Windawz 2018
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