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QWrap - A brand new Quake Source Port.



Quake Wrapper it's a mod for Xash3D Engine, which allows to play Quake (the 1st one) and its mods in Xash3D. It doesn't change the gameplay and doesn't add some new content or modern visual effects, you just can play old good Quake in 32-bit graphics with good resolution, using friendly interface compatible with current Windows systems.

List of Engine-exclusive Features:

-QWrap doesn't affect the engine, so you always have a stable core on any level of development.
-Models with skeletal animation and weight distribution.
-Powerful network engine with prediction and unlag system, with capability to download missing files.
-Smooth changelevel and capability to return on previous maps.
-Save/restore for decals, sounds, music.
-Enhanced sound engine with DSP effects.
-Possibility to hook through QWrap an advanced physics or a new renderer, even from your favorite Quake's fork, if you prefer to use it.
-Vertex lighting for static alias-models (Quake models).

gonna bump this based on the description of the latest release saying that its the final release of this. seems neat, also comes with source code and a new model viewer (but that's separate download.) some other good source ports for quake (2) are quakespasm for quake ( and q2pro for quake 2 (

yeah i know this isn't a quake forum, just thought it was pretty cool and worth bumping because half-life is kinda like the child of quake.


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