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Author Topic: [SC] Romka's Hgrunts  (Read 2847 times)


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[SC] Romka's Hgrunts
« on: May 03, 2009, 10:20:06 AM »

Here it comes, finally.
At the moment, only the Svencoop version is available. I'm gonna do the Half-Life version next. (Replacements for Op4 hgrunts are also planned) This is not the final version yet so i would like you to report every problem you get playing with them, thanks in advance for that.

Quote from: D.G.F.

- Romka
- Der Graue Fuchs
- Toadie (SC4.0 team)
- Valve

- Romka
- Der Graue Fuchs
- Toadie (SC4.0 team)
- Gearbox
- Valve

- Valve
- Gearbox
- SC4.0 team

Everything else:
- Der Graue Fuchs

I had many smoothing problems with the additive textures, the weapons will maybe set to "flat shaded" mode. Theres some "lines" on the smoothing, especially when you check the hgrunts on HLMV, don't worry about it the lighting is hiding those ingame. The fingers, eyes and the mouth are rigged for all of them. The black skin color is working perfectly, i forgot to include one in the previewpic so i let you discover it ingame. There are some disformation of the shoulders/arms with some animations, i'm working on that.
The weapon models still are the original ones, i think they match perfectly with the hgrunts. I had some complain in the WIP thread about the weapon models were too LD'ish for the hgrunts, if i had to listen to every new weapon model propositions i would get some headaches so i let the people change the weapon models themself. (There is many tutorials on the forums, just use the search button, for once)

You are allowed to reskin them and customize them, but i believe you will need to ask Romka to use them in a mod/map or anything related. The first post of this thread will be updated everytime a new version or/and an update is released. The thread title will change once i will add the HL and/or OP4 versions of the hgrunts.

-> Download for Svencoop 4.0


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Re: [SC] Romka's Hgrunts
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2009, 02:35:26 AM »
heh, these look great! Definitely would use if I still played HL stuff.
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Re: [SC] Romka's Hgrunts
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2009, 01:00:10 PM »
me j00zing :keke: