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Hey all,

James and I were talking about stuff and stuff and I brought up an idea that I would like to share you with guys and get feedback.

We are thinking about asking you, the community to write articles. An article can be a tutorial, a preview, a review, a rant or a rave. The article can have any real subject or purpose so long as its related to the Half-Life universe or mod making. For example, some of you might be aware of an article I am writing in cooperation with Podcast 17: "Tools of the Trade" where I interviewed a few of you and asked you what were your favourite programs where to use. Now your articles don't have to be that complicated but they can be if you choose.

The articles would serve as a collection of personal thoughts and experiences as well as information for people who want to get involved with mod making or just the Half-Life community in general.

So if this sort of things interests you, let me know and perhaps we can set something up like a Blog for them?


Yeah, I'd love to see you guys writing some more stuff about what you do, why you do it etc. I'll try and write a few myself.

Sounds like a splendid idea! I could write up tutorials or write about my personal thought.

I'm interested, I'd even write something if that is possible.

It would be open to all members to write articles, not just a select few. We would probably have some very basic criteria like
~500 words or more
an image or two when relevant
proper written English (no msn talk)

Then to have them in a depository such as a site blog as well as a Mod Db page. Depending on the article I think we could offer them to other websites too. We will see how many others reply but its looking promising.


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