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Developer Appreciation/Shout-Out Thread

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I'm making this thread because most developers know what’s wrong with their stuff and receive ample criticism to improve and some are less fortunate. This thread is for you to show your appreciation towards developers you love. They can be sound, model, skin, and web, whatever! We all know how good it makes us feel, like reading your reference letters for a job. It's good to know you’re appreciated!

There may not be too many people to shout out for now as we are still growing, but that's ok!

Let me start:

Toadie- Is there anything this guy can't do? Simply amazing work and a great guy.
Minuit- Another jack of all trades helped me out in a few tight spots a while back. Also the Co-Owner of HLC, put up some money to make this site possible.
RavenGT- For the work you are putting toward the new site and new forum design.
Hydeph- For taking up the slack and re-creating HIT Model Depot.
Ackart- For suggesting our host.

Editor321 - For putting up with my lack of commitment lately, your work on the site and helping me out in the past. =]

Sureshot - Just for everything really. Helps out with everything, a vital team member for RE:CB, good to talk to, very talented and a pretty funny guy to boot.

Yngndrw - For putting up with my incessant questions and requests for help when I first started out coding. Also added some vital contributions to the RE:CB code.

Millenia - Just a generally awesome guy. Funny and very talented at modelling and skinning. I really appreciate the work you're doing for RE:CB too.

R2d2rigo - For doing some amazing work on his TLS mod and being very helpful to me too when I've asked questions. Awesome guy.

Ackart - Asks a lot, but we make a good team.

Me - Because I'm awesome. Allegedly.

Schmung - For basically being a good buddy, offering advice on programming and introducing me to Nashcorp

Griff - For getting me into 3D Modelling in the first place, and being my first webhost during my GTA3/VC days.

Soul Slayer - For helping out with my source compiling woes when I still did community work, til I figured it all out myself.  And for making an SR-25 back in January 2006 that I still haven't finished texturing.

Minuit - For contending with my constant rantings and beligerance via MSN.

RavenGT - For stealin' mah stylez.

Wannabe - For being hilariously lazy, and a fun guy to chat to

Polygon - For being the sole person to finish a texture for my DMC handguns, only for it not to get released.  One day dude, one day.

Bullethead - Hosting, modelling help, generally being awesome.

TheLama - Being random, being quite simply the best weapons modeller I know of personally

Stoke - For you constant denial of skills, and subsequent showcasing of another epic masterpiece (see: Benelli M3)

Hmm, damn. Even if I could come up with a list, I'm not sure if I can actually provide descriptions for them, because they're just awesome plain and simple. Though not all of them are developers for games and stuff, they still inspire me to do stuff or become better at what I do.

Andrew Weldon ;]

Not in any specific order.

Fluffy The Hamster:
Bladesinger of Combine Destiny, for being the *only* developer to ever employ my writing skillz.


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