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been working on this for months, with 2 other members (coder and modeller)

theres ALOT of changes coming for example...

Special ECG Hud:

2 special Herb picked up as "healing gun" to heal whenever you feel like it.

as no one else seems to pay attention at this thread. I may ask the question; What is this exactly ? Yet another Resident Evil mod for HL1 ?

Do you have a Moddb page or something ?

wow heh guess i didnt update for some time and even forgot about the topic...

yep still alive, i solo work on this project, heres the Moddb

ill finished a outside Area (old screen) with a transport plane coming and 8 Umbrella grunts dropping fighting Zombies then u gotta fight them

Medical Area, high lighted (after u gotta find the light button)

Prison Area.

solo working means i do all the mapping... u might notice the Resident Evil looking Hud... aCoder made this for me when he was a fewdays on my team then vanished, same for some weapon changes, like removing most sec fires and no-recoil on MP5

i was gonna add a flamethrower and heals u can pickup and use from or weaponbar but never found a Moddeler who could take y finished plant model and put hands around it for a player to hold them..

i currently finished 6 maps wich are "not yet" fully finished and subject to change and u can see lot of screens on moddb

since i've already posted some pics id might aswell start trying to ask for some help and tell what i might need

most important:
a Modeller to finish
- a plant model wich is completely DONE needs hands like weapons and 2 basic animations (idle and use aka eat)
- a special simple monster_human_grunt model or just rekame/retexture of something based on UBCS (

much important after atleast the plant model finished:
 a coder that can use the or work with the SOHL (Spirit of Half Life) code and implement basic features
- changed hud - super easy
- deletion of most weapons sec fire and deactivating of most weapons   - super easy
- implemention of a flame thrower - possible hard
- implemention of 2 medkit weapons for insta-use (25hp/75hp) - maybe... hard?
- possible to pickup items and ammo by using action key instead of walking over them - probably hard
(more infos about them here tho a older txt

thats all for now, probably BETA testers later but ok for now.

First ever attemp at creating a Texture (horrible one tho haha)

aaaaand a big outside area.

 :suicide: Feedback and/or Help greatly appreciated


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