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Hitler Anal Offices -- The many anagrams of Half-Life Creations


So the SHARNSE chat was really productive this afternoon.... some anagrams of Half Life Creations

Hitler Anal Offices
Snail Face of Hitler
Cliffies Anal Throe
Cliffs Area Hotline
Facial Fetish Loner
Racial Fetish Felon
Facial Fishnet Lore
Chieftain self oral
A Face Horniest Fill
Faecal T-Rhinos File
Life-action Flasher
Horniest Fecal Fail
Infest of Halal Rice
Fan Of Erection Hills
Facial Her Line Soft
File Flah Snorection
A Fecal Fishnet Roil
Historical feel fan
refashion cleft ail

franchise fetal oil
Facial Thrones Life
A Fiancee Frill Hots
A Interface Of Shill
Facial Herself on
Frantic Halo Files
A Cheaters Fill Info
Antihero Calf Life
Action Flasher File
Facial The Fins Lore
A fancier sloth life
Horniest Facial Elf
A Falconer Shit
A Coarsen Filth
A Nacho Lifters Life
Faecal Shin Rot
Faecal Shirt On
Cliffies Arena Loth
Facial Rifle Honest


Historic Anal Feel could almost be one, if it wasn't for one leftover 'F'.

Caffeine Sloth Lair  :slow:


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