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Something i've been working on in my spare time. Basically just another weapons pack, but with new hev arms, animations and content. What i've got so far:

Pretty much done (other than some tweaking):
- 9mmar (car-15 version)
- 9mmar (mp5 version)
- 9mmhandgun
- 357
- grenade
- satchel
- detonator
- shotgun

Ongoing wip:
- crossbow
- crowbar

Pics are straight outta jhlmv, other than the xbow. Also stole the sounds from ghost ops and edited them to suit the animations. Custom hud sprites will be done last.

Moddb page is here: I'll put the link of this thread on there to lure nerds into visiting hlc.  :sagan:

Pro stuff here pal, really enjoyed you sharing it in the WIP thread too.

Might get me to play HL1 again just to try them out.

Nahcorp, sounds legit.

Keep goin :O

The ghost of Cliffmas FALs:
High praise from the DeamonD D himself.

Just noticed, is that a chrome overlay on the detonator switch? Pretty dang slick.

Dē is still alive, that's great! :cop:

Superb work Sporkeh!! :2pro:
If you still need something you are allway welcome.


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