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[Last Updated 6/30/19]
I'm posting this as WIP since im continually adding to it and would like to see if there is any major resource/tool/tutorial that needs adding.  Over the years a lot of goldsrc stuff got lost or buried/confused with source stuff so I'm maintaining a list of working and archive links as well as any new tools:


TWHL (The Whole Half-Life) (my site of GoldSrc tutorials including Custom map texture, sprite & modelling series) GoldSrc section Articles
Sven Manor (Mapping For Sven Co-op) (if the entityguide is unavailable use this link.)
fnky's Sven Co-op mapping repository
The SnarkPit (Down at the moment)
CounterMap2 CS Mapping site
LiveWires List Of Mapping Resources
Icequake Archive

Tools & Plugins:

Hl-Texture tools - Wad & Sprite Creation Utility GoldSrc Tools Archive
GS-HL Tools archive
Half-Life Zone Editing tools (archive link)
Half-Life SDK (can also be downloaded through steam)
Slackillers Collection Of Legacy HL Tools
Nem's Crafty BSP Viewer Tool
ModDb's Half-Life Section
GameBanana's GoldSrc General Tools Section
GameBanana's Half-Life Tools Section
GameBanana's CS1.6 Tools Section
RIPENT - BSP entity ripper

Mapping Specific tools:

J.A.C.K Map Editor
(obtained via steam Sven Coop SDK common\Sven Co-op SDK\mapping\hammer)
Sledge Map Editor
Hammer 3.5.3 by Yo-Den
VHLT - Hammer Compile Tools (improvement on ZHLT)
Unofficial TrenchBroom HalfLife config Patch (TB2019.4RC1 thru to TB2019.5RC4)
(TrenchBroom site)

Modelling Specific tools:

Current Sven Coop Studiomdl.exe
(Most up to date and modernized of the studiomdl.exes, new commands , fixed shifting, and other options More info here:)
Crowbar MDL decompiler and GUI compile tool
HLMV Standalone - GoldSrc MDL viewer
P2MV Model Viewer (Color Remap Preview)
Game Zombie 3DSmax SMD Tools
WallWorm 3Dsmax Tools & Utilities
Blender SMD tools
Wunderboy's Tools and 3DSMax Plugins
fragMOTION editor (built-in SMD support)
kHED lightweight editor (built-in SMD support)


The303's complete map texture 10part guide (includes skybox)
Admers Advanced terrain creation tutorial
RAD Lights file
The303's 6-part sprite creation guide
Solidhint tip with VHLT
StarBlarty's func_detail document
VHLT Map optimization tutorial thread with pics and multiple methods
func_vehicle CS.16 tutorial
If you are coming from a source engine background this quick reference will show common equivalents:

--- Quote ---func_brush --->  func_wall
func_detail ---> func_detail (loaded with zhlt.fgd)
I/O system ---> multi-manager (turn off smartedit to add outputs)
prop_static ---> env_sprite with model path or cycler_sprite or item_generic (OPfor, CZ & sven entity)
prop_dynamic ---> monster_generic (with scripted_sequence to activate animations)
nodraw,tooltextures,ect -----> zhlt.wad  (get Vluzacn's Map Compile Tools  ).  also Nodraw = "NULL"

--- End quote ---


The303's big modelling guide for 3dsmax,Blender,kHED,fragMOTION & MS3D
The303's Baked physics guide
Model Texturing Guide for GoldSrc resource thread

Models & Wads downloads:
Wally wad editor
17buddies GoldSrc Model Downloads
Gamer-Lab GoldSrc Content Downloads Resource
The Half-Life High Definition Pack


Solokillers updated HLSDK that is compatible with VS2017
Original HL SDK by Valve (works on Steam, could fail on WON)
HL SDK 2.3, the one that works best with WON

Sourcemodding programming tutorial list
Engine notes from
Wavelength coding tutorials

Some notes from various people

--- Quote ---
* Learn the basics of C/C++, most of the problems people have are basic C/C++ mistakes and not realted to HL1

* Start small, go bigger. Another problem of "beginners" is that they want to turn HL1 into Unreal Engine 4 without knowing how to make a simple entity and such.
* Have patience, you can't program a new weapon in 30 seconds and expect it to work as you would like to.
* Avoid copying/pasting code blindly without knowing what it does
* Always make clean and documented code (don't be like Valve)
* Use VCS if you know how to use them (git, SVN, Perforce...)
* Making a MP mod? Support Linux for moar dedicated servers
* ideally you should use CMake to manage the project files, it's easier to do cross-platform that way
--- End quote ---

Video Tutorials:

RunThinkShootLive's Hammer Beginner stream tutorial
RunThinkShootLive's Level Design Academy Playlist
Modelling For GoldSrc In Blender Series
Animated Helicopter In BlenderTutorial
Transparent Textures
Animated Textures
Creating a Mod playlist & Hammer
GoldSrc Programming and other playlists
kHED simple prop by the303


SourceModding Discord Server
Sven Co-Op Discord
Sven Co-Op Forums
HLFX (Russian Community)
Half-Life Creations Forums
TWHL Forums
Alliedmodders forums
Snarkpit Forums (currently down for now)

Legacy Content:

The Valve ERC
legacy modelling docs:
CS1.6 Playermodel Tutorial
HLDM playermodel method
PlanetQuake's Half-Life Tutorials
Legacy 3DSmax Plugins
PeterTheGoats SMD converter (for older versions blender SMD tools)
DoomMusic's Improved Studiomdl.exe (fixed UV shift)
legacy mapping docs:
Unknownworlds Big Forum Thread on Half-Life Modding
Hammer Content Pack archive (German)
EYERONIK'S Mapping Tutorials
ZHLT - Hammer Compile Tools ( Down.  Web Archive mirror )
Legacy Optimization docs:
r_speeds guide
hint brush tutorial
twhl r_speeds guide
r_speeds and fps charts


Also this, there are some rare models like Brigadierwolf's weapon replacements, and many player models if someone wants to make them for SC.

I didn't know there were other Hammer clones other than Jackhammer. Great compilation, I'd vote for it to become stickied.

Norman The Loli Pirate:

--- Quote from: XChiz on June 17, 2017, 02:49:26 PM ---

--- End quote ---
Holy crap I remember that JinRoh Pack for Natural Selection, was probably my favorite pack to use.

Stickied this; if there is content on these sites we want to be saved it might be in our interests to make copies of it for archival purposes.


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