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So I might have messed around with this the other day.  :coolbiden:

--- Quote ---Download the latest modified Half Life VR Mod. Here is the latest modified version of the Half Life VR Mod that also has better free locomotion with both Vive controllers and Oculus Touch controllers, as well as some other improvements:

Extract the entire zip file into your installed root directory of Half-life.

Important: When extracted, set the "Read-Only" permissions in Windows on the file opengl32.dll to disallow file deletion, otherwise the file gets deleted when you start the game.

Important: Also copy the file openvr_api.dll (from the VR Mod .zip file inside the \vr\ folder) and put it into root directory of Half-life. Make the file read-only as well, just like the opengl32.dll file above.

To make the DLC's Half Life Blue Shift and Opposing Force to work with this VR Mod, copy the client.dll file (located in the VR Mod .zip file under \vr\cl_dlls and put it in \Half-Life\bshift\cl_dlls folder for the Blue Shift, and in \Half-Life\gearbox\cl_dlls folder for the Opposing Force to work in VR.

Use start.bat to launch Half Life with the VR Mod (even if you want to play the DLC games).

Note: First time, go into game settings and turn off Full Screen mode (set it to Windowed, otherwise you will have problems using the main menu, doing game saves etc. on your PC monitor)
--- End quote ---

So these steps are taken from a YT video that treated the expansions as "DLC" and not what they really are; mods. So I moved the dlls around and changed the included bat file and I got mods to run in it as well.

Super broken and barely playable for different reasons, but ultimately fascinating.
// HL gameplay using Cliffy's guns as a test bench

// getting some terrible game to work, skip to 14:30 for the goods.

It should be worth noting that the screen record does not capture the actual experience inside the headset, that is essentially perfect. HUD does not display, nor to titles or sprite elements inside the headset at this time. But it is still somewhat playable.

Ask questions and stuff.

Looks pretty rad, id try it out

if i had a vr setup

End Of Days:

Better footage recorded through the lens with updated code.



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