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Just looking for weapon packs that are compatible with sven, I don't mind nor care that much about the arms being LD, HD or Sven arms.

I've seen an awesome pack on youtube though it's not released, yet it's something I desperately wish to have due to how well animated and how unique the weapons are.


The ghost of Cliffmas FALs:
For almost every replacement you see in that vid, I had at least one variant of it planned. Have a lot of guns lined up so far (pic attached), each with relevant OF/BS hands and different animations for classic mode when needed. Also, the HEV doesn't have glowy bits like the ones currently being implemented officially. That alone is gonna be a slow process.

For those who want proper stats, so far I have planned:

20 9mmARs

8 9mmHandguns

8 357s

2 crowbars... probably more later

6 DEagles

11 M16s

5 M40A1s

5 SAWs

8 Shotguns

2 Spore launchers

8 Uzis

2 Crossbows

Some of the 9mmARs might be ready for HL soon as standalone.

Imperial Wizard:
Release it anyway


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Wow...That is an impressive amount of weapons to choose from, I would love if you released the pack anyway though and continued to add onto it as you finished up weapons, I have a friend who loves quake and once I showed him the video he was going crazy over the 2 quake weapons.

Still I really love your weapon animations and how very well they're animated.

Norman The Loli Pirate:

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Cliffy you madman. I should finish my LD Barney and Shepherd hands for you.


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