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[WIP] Half-Life Mod: FlatLine Arena


Hello, I haven posted here for quite some time.
How are you boys and girls doing?

I'm actively working (again) on my mod. :)

Half-Life mod: FlatLine Arena

Below you can find the ModDB page.
FlatLine Arena

The mod has a lot of new features. I will list some of them below. Please note that the mod is currently in development and what you see here is most probably not the final product.

The mod has been in development for more than 12 years.


- 30 unique weapons (I have a nuke!; and chainsaw... check the screenshots on the moddb page)
- every single weapon has alternative attack
- bots
- enhanced configs and cavrs
- 5 different gamemodes at the moment - including "Last Man Standing" and "King of The Hill"
developing "Demolition", "Base Raid" and "Capture The Flag" gamemodes (disabled and buggy at the moment)
- 12 completely new items (pickups and usable) - including but not limited to: teleport , stealth suit, jetpack, speedpack, explode on kill pack and many more.

I'm trying to overcome the limit of 32 weapons imposed by the Half-Life engine (30 usable slots + 1 for the Suit and 1 for "weapon_none"If you have any ideas on how to overcome the limit of 32 weapons, just shoot me a PM. I will appreciate it.

Every single weapon has alternative attack :)

The weapons are separated in 9 categories:

1. Melee weapons - Crowbar, Katana, Chainsaw and Portable med-station
2. Pistols - Fnp-45, Colt Python
3. Machine guns - Bouncer Shotgun, XM29 OICW, AK-47, M249 Charger
4. Snipers - Automatic Crossbow, Compound Bow, AW50
5. Explosives - Chain grenade, USCM Satchel, Tripmine, Snark/Chumtoad
6. Alien weapons - Grapple, Hornetgun, Shickrifle, Sporelauncher
7. Energy weapons - Gauss gun, Egon gun, Railgun, Displacer
8. High explosives - RPG-7, M32 Grenadelauncher, M13 Flamethrower
9. Experimental - M134 Minigun, AT4 Nukelauncer

Here's a little demonstration video (excuse me for the longer intro, I was showcasing the new UI, sounds and menus)

FlatLine Arena Demonstration

In the same video you can see the following implementations:

- radar
- bots
- new HUD and UI
- enhanced effects

Screenshots (don't forget to check the screenshot section for more).

Make sure to check the image section on ModDB page. :)


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