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Faunts, a band I just discovered.



Okay, I just recently saw a news item on Last.FM that some band called Faunts had released n album called "Feel.Love.Thinking.Of"
I had never heard these guys, but from the Last.FM tags put on them (which usually doesn't say too much) it seemed cool, and I must say, even though they are a bit poppy, and that their singer really bothers me, I pretty much like them, and I hope to grow into them more.

Here is Feel.Love.Thinking.Of

A couple of songs might fit in here as well.
//www.youtube.com/watch?v=gISlB1IdUjICrab battle is promised.

Try M4: Part 2. They used in the ending credits of Mass Effect. Epic song, epic game.  ;)

Yeah, for people wondering that would be the secod of these two, I think.


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