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Author Topic: [Achievement List] Updated April 16, 2011  (Read 2831 times)


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[Achievement List] Updated April 16, 2011
« on: November 29, 2010, 03:41:32 AM »

Verbal Abuse   
You have gotten a verbal beat down for thinking you're good at something.
Get put in your place by an Admin or Moderator.

Wit Missile   
You have used your wit and cunning to take advantage of a weakened defence.   
Use your command of the English language to make somebody else feel less human.

You have enraged Sporkeh and caused him to use the suicide smiley face.   
Sporkeh has quoted your post and responded with the use of the suicide smiley face.

Nerd Pitt Passport   
Get a topic sent to the Nerd Pitt because you couldn’t keep your shark-shit-smelling mouth shut.
Get a topic or part of a topic moved to the Nerd Pitt because of something you said in a topic.

You have posted a picture of a male’s biceps claiming them to be your own.
Post a picture featuring the bicep muscles of a male.

One word answers are your best weapon.   
Reply to a post using only one word more than five times.

Yeah, you might be   
You have unlocked five forum achievements, aren’t we proud?
Unlock five forum achievements.

Not afraid   
You have used your actual name in your display name because you think you might be good.   
Use your real name in your forum username.

You smell bad   
You have more than 500 posts on the forums and probably need a bath.   
Get more than 500 posts on the forums.

You have defiled the ground on which we walk by posting anime; we hate you as a collective body.   
Post a picture of something that is anime related in any of your posts.

National Geographic   
You have posted a picture of a map, get it?    
You have posted a picture of a map that is either related to a topic or is of general interest.

Nerd O’clock   
You have made your post at 13:37hrs, you are a prick.   
Make a post on the forum at 13:37hrs (1:37PM/AM)

Nerd’s Log    
You have decided to share, for whatever reason, a conversation between you and another person.   
Post a conversation that you have had in another chat program.

Grammar Police   
You have either corrected the grammar or spelling of another member or pointed out the falsity in another online media.   
Create a post either correcting or showing off a spelling or grammar mistake on the internet.

Fat Fingered Fuck   
You have broken your computer or a computer component with your fat, butter stick fingers.   
Break a computer component or system and made a post about how it died.

Turd Farmer   
You have posted a shit video that you have found that lowers the morale of us all.   
Post a video that either contains something stupid or just plain bad stuff.

Yeah but nah   
You have more than 10 achievements, your body ordour is like a Japanese Whaling Ship.   
Get 10 or more forum achievements.

Shit Geek   
You have compared operating systems in one of your posts, therefore according to international law, you are a geek   
Compare two or more operating systems in a post.

Wake and Shine   
You have talked about the best mod on Mod Db.    
Mention the Freemen Chronicles or the phrase “wake and shine” in a post.

Fat Prick   
You have been labelled as a pro-gamer, enjoy the cholesterol.
You are called or label yourself as a pro-gamer.

Too Lazy   
You have posted a picture of a model in HLMV.   
Post a picture of a model you are working on using HLMV.

You have been spotted using a phrase from one of the classic Pokemon games.   
Use a phrase from one of the Pokemon games in your post.

Lock the taskbar
You did it. Asshole.   

King of the Nerds   
You have placed in the Top 3 spots of a HLC Competition.
Sickening Hygiene    
You have more the 20 achievements.
The grease from your body rivals that of the deep fryer at KFC.   Get 20 or more forum achievements.
Making it worse   
You have submitted your idea for an achievement and it has been approved.   
You have submitted an achievement to the admins and have had it approved.

Really sad   
You have achieved your own achievement, that’s the equivalent of remembering to breathe.
Submit and complete your own achievement.

Term of Endearment   
Use a three letter word to express your feelings to another member.   

You wrote an article for HLC.

Nerd Rage
Use the phrase nerd rage in any of your posts.

2 Pro
Use the :2pro: icon more than five times.

Cake for Fatty   
You have said “The cake is a lie”.

Retro Dojo
Fuck yo' Crysis mother fucker! IDTech 1 is where its at.
You have posted a comment about games from the '90s.

You've made a post that makes you sound like a chubby whiner.

MLP Lover
You have talked about MLP, may the fleas of 1000 Arabian Horses infest your body
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