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Another Update!


It must seem crazy to have two updates so close together after such a long period of radio silence but here we go!

We have added a new section to the forums called Declassified Projects, there is where we have been getting back in touch with former mod makers that we know either have materials sitting on the cutting room floor or incomplete projects sitting on their hard drives. We have been reaching out to them to release what they might have to the community. In some cases, many years have past, situations change and we are encouraging any mod makers that might still be safe guarding content to share before it is lost to the community forever in a hardware failure or who knows what.

On a lesser note, our Steam Community has gone through a small update as well and we are now a curator. Be sure to check out our gaming section of the forum to post your suggestions on what we should add to our curation section.

Lastly, I am currently testing a file upload system for content creators. It is a very simple script that gives you access to a folder on a sub-domain where you would be able to upload your content to hyperlink out to wherever you release your content. Files 64mb and below can be uploaded without the use of FTP. If you are a content creator and the forum attachment system doesn't do it for you, get in touch with me and I will set you up to test this new system.

Cheers to all,

Very nice idea!
But how can I start a new topic there?


--- Quote from: Besli on February 20, 2016, 10:13:04 PM ---Very nice idea!
But how can I start a new topc there?

--- End quote ---

Fixed, thanks!


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