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Today I get to mark an incredible milestone with you all: Half-Life Creations has officially turned 10 years old.

James and I had our humble start January 25th 2007 with a vague idea of doing a service for the Half-Life modding community; provide a space for people to work on what they were passionate about without having to worry about costs for a web presence. We have offered hosting to several projects that we are proud to say had their start here on Half-Life Creations. From Cry of Fear, The Gate, Heart of Evil NE, DiamonD's HL Packs, Arrangement, the PC port of Half-Life Decay, Frag Out, Shephard's Mind, Shotgun Sunrise, Half-Life Zombie Edition, HIT Model Depot, several portfolios for people who have since gone to work in the industry, to hosting the archive of one of the best Half-Life related podcasts ever recorded, Podcast 17.

We have had the opportunity to do so much beyond just hosting. We had the pleasure of hosting two game tournaments with a sponsor, and participate in collaboration with several Half-Life communities to learn and grow together. I've had the opportunity to talk with many community members, to catch up with them and their lives outside of the modding community. Many have even found work in the gaming industry.

It has been an absolute pleasure and a fantastic trip these last 10 years. Don't worry, we aren't going anywhere, even if the community has slowed down. If there is a need for web hosting for a Half-Life based project, you better believe that the doors of Half-Life Creations will be open to them.

Lastly, a very special thank you to all of our community members that have supported us throughout the years. Too many people to name have donated their time, talent and resources to make Half-Life Creations what it is today. It means a lot to James and I to have your support for such a long duration.

Now, what would a 10 year anniversary be without some nostalgia?

* 2007 launch
* 2007 revision
* 2010 revision

I'd put a history of how I first know HL, started modding, came to HIT, and all that stuff before HLC, but I feel that would be way too sappy (and one bloody long wall of text).

One thing for sure though, it's great being here.
Here's hoping this site still stands for when HL3 comes out.

WOW, I don't knew the first design, but I pretty remember RavenGT's one! :)
Happy Birthday HLC!

Time definitely does fly, happy to be a part of this community.

Red Slug:
I kinda feel old now.


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