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Author Topic: [The Unknown Menace] Remod  (Read 2544 times)


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[The Unknown Menace] Remod
« on: July 25, 2016, 12:31:56 AM »

You are Thomas Bebbo, codenamed "Hawk's Eye".
A terrorist organization known as the "Final Destiny" have taken control of the HBW Research Facility, located somewhere on an island between Hawaii and California.
The HBW Research Facility houses a powerful missile known as the PESIX, that is rumored to be powerful enough to level an entire nation and wreck havoc on electrical devices WAY beyond its blast radius.
The government as always will not conform to their demands, but cannot risk sending an army to stop them, hence why you are chosen.

You are chosen due to your excellent stealth skills and near-impossible firearms efficiency, managing to WALK by entire bases without waking a mouse and firing a high caliber weapon without so much as reacting to the recoil.

Your main objective is to rescue the 4 major head scientists of HBW and stop "Final Destiny" from launching the missile at any cost.

Good luck!

ModDB 1.1 Download

MediaFire 1.1 Download



Code: [Select]
The Unknown Menace | Remod

Besli - M60 Sentry Edits
Cliffton_Vlodhammer - Skorpion Animations
Coozins - USP Laserdot
Cyber - UMP Skin
DarkElfaź - USP Silencer Skin
EdisLeado - M79 Model
Editor321 - Satchel Radio Model/Skin
End of Days - SPAS-12 Model/Satchel Radio Model/Skin
Ettubrutesbro - Skorpion Model
Futon - Skorpion Sounds
GamingLord - Gib models/HGrunt Speeches
Gearbox - C4 Animations
Ghost Ops Team - HE Grenade Models/UV/Animations
H4wk - SPAS-12 Textures
Hav0c - M82 Model
Hellspike - SPAS-12 UV/UMP Model
HoE Team - M79 Animations
IIopn - MP7 Animations
Liquidator - Barney/HGrunt
Logger - UMP Model
Lonewolf - HE Grenade Skin
Millenia - M9 Skin/Skorpion Skin/M79 Skin
Minuit - Satchel Radio Animations
Napoleon - Valve Detail Texturing
Norman "ToolKit" Normandy - HAssassin edits
Paris Hilton's Penis - M9 Model
Pete3D - SPAS-12 shotgunshell.mdl
Romka - HAssassin
Schmung - MP7 Model/USP Silencer Model/M8 Model
Soundsnap - M8 Sounds
Strelok - MP7 Sounds
Sureshot - USP Silencer Skin/M8 Skin
TehSnake - USP Skin
Thanez - USP Silencer Skin
The Coffe - ACOG Scope
The_zxeno_prophet - Scientist Closed Labcoats
Toadie - M8 Animations/M82 Animations
Turtle Rock Studios - Medkit
TwinkeMasta - M82 Skin/UMP ACOG Model
Unknown - M60 Sentry Model
Valve - USP Model
Vunsunta - M8 Sounds
Wannabe - LAM Skin
Water-Phoenix - Scientist Textures
Weavile - USP Laserdot
Werewolf - Barney
Will - LAM Model
ZikShadow - Remod Author
chimp_ - C4 Skin
fat_al - Gib models
se' - C4 Model
surabaya_190889 - M82 Scope
the_tub - MP7 Skin
waqwarrior - MP7 idle1 Animations
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Re: The Unknown Menace | Remod
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2016, 04:59:42 AM »
Looks great as always.


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Re: [The Unknown Menace] Remod
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2018, 08:14:34 PM »
Updated this little thing a bit.



- Added a couple of "chapter titles" at a few maps.
- Added an additional grunt to um9.
- Added fades at the intro.
- Added lip to wall merging doors, should no longer do that now.
- Added overlays to old unchanged TUM models (sub, world, para, plante, pesix, palf, leaf).
- Added sound qc trigger for v_grenade.mdl throwing.
- Added sound qc trigger for v_shotgun.mdl, removing the default scock1.wav.
- Added sounds to soundless doors.
- Bad ending no longer crashes the game.
- Changed beginning credits text.
- Changed the text in umhome to inform players of new stealth mechanics.
- Changed up the shotgun pump and pistol fire sound a little.
- Fixed a couple of grammar issues in the TUM wads (lunching and reserch).
- Found out that the assassin boss doesn't hurt you in skill 3 (Hard/Realistic), made it so that there's only 2 difficulties instead (Easy/Easyfied & Normal/Original).
- Good and bad ending text changed.
- Health boxes on walls now act like old HL healthchargers instead of healing you only if you stand still when using the box.
- Made "final boss" run slightly faster.
- Made the assassin boss slightly tougher, still easily dies with a short burst though.
- Made the trap room door unlockable.
- Made w_9mmar.mdl and w_crossbow.mdl smaller.
- Modified the triggers at the end boss so that letting him launch the missile then killing him won't break the ending (originally, doing that gave you both good and bad endings, with the scenes and text overlapping with each other).
- Old HUD replaced.
- Replaced burger.mdl.
- Replaced decals and gfx wads, should have better blood and new loading texts.
- Replaced music cues throughout the mod, the mod now uses HL2 music.
- Reskinned w_medkit.mdl.
- Reverted some of the textures in new halflife.wad to their original counterpart to fix the "textures looking weird" problem.
- hassassin.mdl replaced.
- leech.mdl replaced.
- v_357.mdl origins moved, model scale increased to prevent view clipping.
- v_9mmhandgun.mdl origins moved, missing face when drawing is fixed.
- v_satchel.mdl draw animation changed to prevent cutoff.
- v_satchel_radio.mdl origins moved, antenna texture changed, model scale increased to prevent view clipping.
- w_argrenade skin replaced with a higher res one.
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