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Author Topic: [Afraid of Monsters - DC] Remod  (Read 2462 times)


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[Afraid of Monsters - DC] Remod
« on: September 12, 2016, 05:57:06 AM »
Your name is David Leatherhoff, and you're addicted to a mysterious drug.
Lately you have started to experience hallucinations, nightmares picking at your deepest and darkest fears.
Finally, you've decided to seek help in Markland Hospital and...


You felt that you've been here before.
The pills awaits you in the bathroom exactly where you remember it, but it looks different somehow.
The dreams are the same as last time, as familiar as it is frightening, but their inhabitants now seems altered.

What is happening?

You contemplate taking the pills.


What if?

Remod is a mod for AoMDC that brings :

- Modified models, AoMDC already has HD models, but there's different models now along with the fact that there's no more holster/draw animations for reloading.

- Simple detail texturing for most of the textures, r_detailtextures must be set to 1.
Couldn't replace the actual textures since they're actually included in the BSPs and i still lack knowledge to modify them.

- Slight HUD changes, just the weapon icons to fit the new models, along with the fact that the battery icon now is affected by how many battery juice you have left.

- Modified UI, the main menu background image is made larger (less pixely), loading/pausing now uses custom graphics, and the letterboxing now works for widescreen (though the noise effect is unsalvageable).

- Sound changes, stuff like doors/weapons/items/etc.

- "Saved..." changed to give flickering effects.


This particular Remod does not include AoMDC, so you will need to install that first.


Code: [Select]
Afraid of Monsters - DC | Remod

!NC! Furious - GMGeneral mag skin
Ambient.Impact - Various human-based models
Besli - Policeman/Detective model
Blitz - Axe skin
Bullet_Head - Glock model | P228 UV
Chimp - Revolver skin
Cliffton_Vlodhammer - Shotgun animations
Duffman - Revolver model
Ettubrutesbro - GMGeneral base model
Fearfisch - Hammer model
GamingLord - Gib models
Hav0c - Beretta
HoE Team - Addiction's guts skin
HoENE Team - Bullsquid model/skin
Kimono - GMGeneral base skin/Glock skin/Mp5k skin/Revolver skin
LeonelC - Original weapons compile used as base
Liquidator - Dead Male1 model/skin
Meltdown - Hammer skin
Millenia - Desert Eagle skin | Shotgun model/skin
MrCrash407 - Battery skin
NeoShroomish - Kitchen Knife model/skin
Nottingham - Axe model
Paranoia Team - Dead Girl1 body model/skin
Polygon - GMGeneral mag skin
Predaaator - Beretta
QUAD - P228 model
Ra777 - Twitchers model/skin
Romka - Dead Girl1 head model/skin | Dead Girl2 model/skin
Saxon - Twitchers model/skin
Schmung - UZI model
Sean' - GMGeneral UV
Sproily - Controller body model
Stoke - GMGeneral elcan model/skin | Desert Eagle model
Strykerwolf - Pistols/Mp5k animations
SureShot - Battery skin | Beretta
Team Psykskallar - David model/Controller head model/skin | Battery model
Thanez - MP5k skin
Toadie - Revolver animations
Twinke Masta - GMGeneral mag model | Beretta | MP5k model
Wang-chung - UZI skin
IIOPN - UZI animations
Water-Phoenix - Doctors/Dead Male2/Dead Male3 skin
Werewolf - Dead Male1 model/skin
ZikShadow - Remod author
fat_al - Gib models
kot23rus - Beretta
the_tub - P228 skin



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