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[The Gate] Remod
« on: October 14, 2016, 12:36:55 AM »
In 1942, the Nazis have discovered a strange structure said to possess the ability to control time and space itself to its whim, but was thought to not able to determine its true power.

In 2003, the US government has suddenly found strange anomaly in time and space, resulting in the discovery of the strange structure itself and its "properties", even more surprising when they've actually managed to activate the device, which is known to be almost thousands of years old.

They've tried to send in a squad of trained personnel through the gate, only to have them disintegrate within moments of approach due to their equipment obstructing the gate's mechanisms.
Things start to change for the worse as they send in a single bare armed covert operative that then ceases all contact after successfully entering the gate.

They've decided to finally send in one last soldier.
One that determines the fate of time and if the Nazis shall have reign over it.

Remod is a mod for "The Gate" that brings :

- HD Models.
- Simple Detail Texturing.
- Sprite Changes.
- HUD Changes.
- Sound FX Changes.
- Map Alterations.
- Difficulty Alterations.
- Lipsync for NPCs.
- Text Changes.


Code: [Select]
2010(scope) - Scoped Kar98k model/skin
Aidendemon - Dynamite reskin | Chainammo reskin
Alan N - HGrunt Opfor skin
Ambient.Impact - NPCs model base
Besli - Hitler Head
Dave C(Klown) - Scoped Kar98k skin/animations
Dev - HGrunt
DoD:S Team - Panzerschreck | MP40 animations
Editor321 - HGrunt Opfor model/skin
End of Days - HGrunt Opfor model/skin
Firearms Team - Medkit bandage
Flammernwerfer - HGrunt
Flowers of Naivety - Hitler boots
GamingLord - Gib models
Ghost Ops Team - HGrunt Opfor model
Gray Matter Interactive - HGrunt | Dynamite | Chainammo
H4wk - HGrunt Opfor skin
HoENE Team - Houndeye | Machete | John | Agent X
Kevin MacLeod - Most of the new custom music, replaces the original copyrighted John Williams ones
Killaz646 - Hitler reskin, body rig, gloves
Kimono - MP40 skin
LAca - HGrunt Opfor model/skin
Liquidator - Barney | Houndeye Model/Skin
Lonewold - HGrunt Opfor skin
MD Ghost - HGrunt
Mortar - HGrunt
Napoleon - Detail texturing base
Nordvolk - HGrunt
Paranoia Team - Medkit pills | Anna | Dead Lady 1 body/addons
Polygon - Scoped Kar98k skin
Red Slug - HGrunt | Scientist
Roadmaster - Chicken
Romka - HGrunt | HGrunt Opfor model/skin | Dead Lady 1 head | Dead Lady 2
SoulSlayer - MP40 model
Spastic Child - HGrunt
Splinter - Luger | Stielhandgranate | Hands | HGrunt Opfor skin
Sven Coop Team - Satchel Radio animations
Toadie - HGrunt Opfor skin
Todd Dennis - 1 Wolfenstein 3DO music that was used to replace the high tempo music
Water-Phoenix - Scientist reskin
Werewolf - Barney
ZikShadow - Remod Author
fat_al - Gib models
ls3 - Scoped Kar98k model
ruM - Medkit bottle



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