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[Soldier] Remod
« on: November 16, 2016, 02:11:10 AM »
"A new terrorist organization has recently appeared. Some rogue military faction, "The Baron", they call themselves.

Fairly dangerous, screwed a couple of our cities and threaten to do more unless we give 'em some of our dough, classic stuff.
Obviously, you being sent in is basically our little answer to that.

Intel tells us of their little hideout out in the Arctic mountains, looks like they even dug in the mountains themselves.

Security will be tough, these guys have gotten some pretty nifty stuff, a few sentry turrets, even got themselves some ninjas.
Report tells that those ladies carry some fancy cloaking stuff, but hopefully that's just recon being drunk.

They're currently dismantling their current base, trying to move to a new one, so with the lack of soldiers guarding outside and a bunch of explosives already set inside, torching their base shouldn't be too much of a problem.

You'll be dropped into their mountain outpost, to avoid problems with that risky drop means that you'll have to do with only a knife, but i'm sure your stealth skills should enable you to at least get yourself a shotgun or two.

Your objectives are simple, find a way to get into the enemy base and destroy it.

This is your only chance, soldier."

Remod is a mod for Soldier that brings :

- HD Models.
- Detail texturing for most of the textures.
- HUD Changes.
- Music Changes.
- Sound FX Changes.
- Text Changes.
- Map entities changes.
- Map textures changes.


Code: [Select]
Soldier | Remod - Credits

Ambient.Impact - Various models base
Besli - M60 Sentry Edits
Chimp_ - Kabar skin
End of Days - SPAS-12 Model/Satchel Radio Model/Skin
Firearms Team - Parachute
Flamshmizer - Deagle UV
GamingLord - Gib models | HGrunt voices
H4wk - SPAS-12 Textures
Hellspike - SPAS-12 UV/UMP Model
Malignant - Deagle UV
Millenia - Deagle skin
Napoleon - Detail texturing base
Pete3D - SPAS-12 shotgunshell.mdl
Quad - Deagle animation
Romka - HGrunt model/skin | HAssassin
Strykerwolf - MP5k/Kabar animation
Thanez - MP5k skin
Toadie - SPAS-12 animation
Twinke Masta - MP5k model
Unknown - M60 Sentry Model
Vashts1985 - Deagle model
Venom - Kabar model
ZikShadow - Remod Author
fat_al - Gib models



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