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Author Topic: [The Wastes] KruddMan Kissle and Phiesopes Improvement Pack  (Read 1256 times)


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KruddMan Kissle and Phiesopes Improvement Pack

List of Improvements

- Twelve updated player models with character portraits by KruddMan.  Kissle tweaked smoothing groups.
  The Admiral [NEW]
  Dieter [Fixed body frame]
  Ezekial [Fixed Smoothing groups]
  Gustavo [New badass gasmask]
  Idaho [NEW]
  Kali [Fixed Smoothing groups]
  Max [Improved body/head/face]
  McLean [NEW]
  Mena [Improved head]
  Tony [NEW]
  Vincent [NEW]
  Player.mdl modified max model

- Origin fixes on pistols
 [they are a little unaligned during aim mode but still look good]
- Origin and scale fixes on dual pistols
- Origin and scale fix on single sawed off
- New Colt Enforcer MK2 by KruddMan
- New animations for Baseball Bat by KruddMan
- New animations for Sledgehammer by KruddMan
- New Katana by KruddMan with reversed animations
   Includes P and W models
- Rescaled W Models
- Probably More stuff i can't remember

- New sound effects by Phiesope
  beretta fire
  colt fire
  deagle fire
  fnfal fire
  g11 fire
  g11 burst
  jackhammer fire
  sawedoff fire
  sawedoff reload
  sten reload
  winchester fire
  wincheseter reload
- reload and weapon function sounds added to weapons by Kissle
- New hud and vgui sprites by Kissle