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Author Topic: [The Conspiracy in Shadow] Remod  (Read 1331 times)


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[The Conspiracy in Shadow] Remod
« on: December 17, 2017, 05:51:38 AM »

It is the year 2049, Earth has been completely devastated by an unknown alien race, their invasion was caused by an incident that occurred in the secret research facility, Area 51.

In the devastated lands, a group of scientists, led by the survivors of the initial incident, manages to craft a time machine using every resources they have, with the intention to stop the experiment from ever happening in the first place.

You, Mark Davis, a member of the resistance who's highly trained but lacking in experience is trusted to lead the monumentally high risk mission. You remembered being transported just as the lab doors were blasted open by the attacking creatures.

Now you're alone, weaponless, in a timeline unknown to you, with only one objective in mind.
Stop the experiment, one way or the other.

ModDB 1.0 Download

MediaFire 1.0 Download



Code: [Select]
.eXe - HK416 animation
Acid_Snake - HK416 skin
Acidscar - Oxygen tank
Alan N - HGrunt skin
Ambient.Impact - Various models
BMS Team - Controller
Bermondseyboy2 - SR25 skin
Cliffton_Vlodhammer - 9mmAR/USP animation
Crowbar - Reactor skin | Xen barrels skin
DarkStorn/Darkkiz - Shotgun shell holder
Duffman - Shotgun UV
Editor321 - HGrunt edits
End Of Days - M203 grenade/HGrunt/Tripmine model
F8pc - SR25 skin
Fearfisch - Toolbox hammer model
Firearms Team - Medkit bandages
GSC - Skeleton
GamingLord - Gib models | HGrunt voices
Ghost Ops Team - HGrunt model | SR25/Shotgun animations
H4wk - M203 grenade/Shocktrooper/Hornetgun/Tripmine skin
Harry - Glock UV
Hav0c - SR25 model
Hellspike - MK23 UV Chop
HoENE Team - AI Girl
IMbrokeRU - MK23 animation
Killing In the Name - HGrunt skin
Kimono - SR25 skin
Laca - HGrunt model
LeonelC - Battery
Liquidator - Barney/Houndeye/HGrunt Medic/HGrunt Torch | HGrunt second headgroup face | HGrunt skin
Logger - UMP model
Lonewolf - USP UV edit | USP skin
Meltdown - Toolbox hammer skin
Millenia - Knife
Murdock - SR25 model/skin
NC_Furious - SR25 skin
Napoleon - Detail texture base
Norman The Loli Pirate - Player head | Case
Paranoia Team - Medkit pills
Pete3D - Syringe | UMP skin
RECB Team - Knife animation/Ammoboxes
Redwolf - Shotgun model
Renard - Houndeye
Romka - Various models
Shifty - SR25 skin
Silvio Dante - USP model
Slider - RPG model
Soul_Slayer - SR25 model
Splinter - HGrunt skin
Sproily - Controller/Snark
Stoke - Shotgun shells/HK416
Sureshot - SR25 skin
TS Team - Grenade
Thanez - Shotgun skin
The Coffe - Scope sprite
TheLama - SR25 model
Toadie - HGrunt skin | Glock animation
Trusty Crowbar - Various models
Twinke Masta - M203/SR25/HK416/USP's Match | Tripmine UV | USP UV
Wannabe - Glock LAM skin | MK23 model/UV edit | MK23 skin
Water Phoenix - Scientist/Headcrab/Zombie/Gonome skin
Werewolf - Barney
ZikShadow - Remod author
el maestro de graffiti - Glock skin
fat_al - Gib models
flamshmizer - Glock LAM/MK23 UV
gi777 - RPG skin | HGrunt edits
havok101 - Glock model
james- - Glock UV
ooppee - Can
ruM - Medkit bottle
sHiBaN - SR25 model
will - Glock LAM model | MK23 model