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Author Topic: Bring in the New Year with sidescrolling action  (Read 20159 times)

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Bring in the New Year with sidescrolling action
« on: December 21, 2009, 06:47:52 AM »

We here on planet EDE have been working pretty hard over the last fe months to produce a new version of Ragnarok Arena from the ground up. Faster, easier to play, much more entertaining and rather close to a first release. We also have new media for everyone to oogle.

Now, for a time-frame. While I don't want to make the mistake of setting a specific time and missing it, I am confident in the team's ability to get the first version out the door around the time everyone is either blitzed or hung over from New Year's. Of course, we could use your help! If you enjoy special recognition and breaking things, we are currently looking for beta testers! Please see this thread for more information.

From your friends at Exploding Dog Entertainment, we wish you Happy Holidays, and we hope to see you at New Years for some Sidescrolling Multiplayer Action.
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