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New 3DSMAX SMD Tools (2014 to 2021)



A set of simple SMD plugins like the old Jed&Cannonfodder ones that works for later versions of Max.  Not only are these as fast if not faster than the legacy Jed&Cannonfodder plugins (that worked until max 2012), but they also have BMP material/texture get name option which is super useful.  Furthermore seems to recognize explicit and face render normals correctly without problem.

(Archived old thread info):

New update 9/15/2017:

--- Quote ---updated the SMD importer to no longer crash after some errors, weld vertices is more reliable and much faster now, and it should be able to properly handle files that are formatted a bit oddly. Also my license for 2015 expired so hopefully nothing breaks in that version.
--- End quote ---

Pretty cool, though from what ive heard a lot of people seem to dig wallworm as well. Still using 2009 myself so i dont have to bother with any of this shit fortunately  :sagan:

With the end of facepunch the new home for this tool is here:

The old thread is here on


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