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Blender SMD Tools Now with GoldSrc option (stable2.79 & 2.80 compatable beta)

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My tutorial on BST usage:

Recently a 2.80 beta release has dropped:

Thanks for adding all these resources, I hope that current and future modders find these and put them to good use!

I Could never get into Blender, its interface is just so clunky and confusing and it slows down alot unlike MS3D.

Blender is kinda wierd to get used to (im a max user) but it is rising in popularity among modders ive seen.
One thing I should add is that if your model looks like a jumbled mess of verticies upon compile its likely that you had 2 or more bones per vertex set in blender.  If you are still having export issues, you can try going back to exporting using the peterthegoats source to goldsrc converter (in the youtube playlist).

Good news!  The export option has made it into the official release:


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