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[HL1] Modelviewer with color remap preview (P2MV beta)

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Another alternative GoldSrc model viewer but this has an interesting addition of color remap & DM_BASE previews.  In addition also has a misc tab for model flags that other model viewers do not have.

Also if you need to know how to do color remap textures (more powerful than DM_BASE)  I wrote a method here:

This is fantastic, Jed's viewer had a nasty case of hiding itself in memory. Thanks.

I completely ditched Jed's viewer after Solos HLMV Standalone came out.  Basically P2MV and Standalone are what I use now.

Red Slug:
Sweet. It even loads sprites into the Viewer automatically!

And of course doesn't keep hiding in the memory.

Newest versions of this viewer now includes editing capabilities, its possible to configure attachment, hitboxes and other small stuff in editor and you can copy it to QC or save edited model, I uploaded and updated this viewer on gamebanana and it available at the same link which The303 posted.


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