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GoldSrc Multi-tool extractor


Useful asset extraction tool by tschumann

--- Quote ---== Usage ==

gssmt file -x      Extract files from file.
gssmt file -d out   Decompress file to out.

-x can be used with:
   Half-Life .bsp files (pass -x bmp)
   Half-Life .hpk files
   Half-Life .mdl files
   Half-Life .pak files
   Half-Life .spr files
   Half-Life .wad files (including gfx.wad and fonts.wad)
   Counter-Strike Xbox .sxwad files
   Counter-Strike Xbox .xpr files
   Half-Life Dreamcast .mdl files
   Half-Life PlayStation 2 .dol files
   Half-Life PlayStation 2 .spz files
   Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines .vpk files
-d can be used with:
   Half-Life PlayStation 2 .bs2 files
   Half-Life PlayStation 2 compressed .pak files
   Half-Life 2 Xbox .xz_ files

--- End quote ---

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