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[HL1] Art Resources: Models, Textures etc


I'm starting a thread here with the idea of listing useful Art Resources for people wanting to start their own modding project. There's a tonne of stuff around if you know where to look, which is always a really useful starting point!

Mod / ResourceThemeContentLinkPoke646Urban City / ScifiProps, WAD TexturesLinkHostile IntentModern MilitaryProps, WAD Textures, CharactersLinkCondition Zero / Deleted ScenesModern MilitaryProps, Characters, Character Animations, WAD TexturesLinkThe WastesModernWeapon Animations, WAD texturesLinkParanoiaEastern EuropeProps, WAD Textures, CharactersLinkDay of DefeatWW2Props, WAD Textures, CharactersLinkHalf Life RallyRally RacingCar ModelsLinkHeart of Evil Napalm EditionVietnam WarProps, WAD Textures, CharactersLinkNightwatchSci Fi, ModernWAD TexturesLink
If other people can recall other mods/resources with useful content, this might be a good place to post it!

What about HL Nightwatch textures? They found an extensive use in dreaded Echoes mod

I also remember some sites with Source/GoldSRC textures. Wonder if i'll be able to find them

Ah yeah, good shout! Still makes me sad to look back at their released media.


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