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Author Topic: Encountered Problem with Mechmod Water Shader.  (Read 2113 times)


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Encountered Problem with Mechmod Water Shader.
« on: October 30, 2013, 04:27:00 AM »
I'm pretty much a big noob when it comes to modding, I've been working on this mod for about a year now and up until that Half Life update that came out earlier on this year, my mod was running fairly well.

However, my mod has begun to act up and I'm not sure whether it's just my mod or other mods that have implemented this feature. I implemented the Mechmod Water Shader last year and it worked fine but I've run into some output errors. As soon as I load up the map, the screen is just completely like this picture below.

As you can see, the v_model seems to repeat itself in a shadow like manner across the screen.

Now, I don't know whether this is a fault with my coding, with the way I made the map, or whether or not the code is just broken after the big Half Life update.

An interesting thing to note is that while playing in fullscreen, it displays the picture above, but when playing in Windowed mode, it displays fine. Typing in -nofbo seems to fix this problem but if I ever release this mod, I wouldn't want to write down not to play this in fullscreen as it would limit what the player would want.

Has anyone else ran into this problem if they're using this Mechmod code and if you have, have you found any way to solve it?

Sorry if this has been a waste of time, but this is just really puzzling me.  :sigh: