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Author Topic: Cry Of Fear Hand Rig - How do I add IK Solvers? - Opinions on the rig.  (Read 2098 times)


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I now have the beta version of my Cry Of Fear hand rig finished; the hand bone issue seems to be un-fixable, however, I mirrored the un-linked sphere gizmos to the other hand, and linked them that way. The sphere gizmos on the left hand function the same as the right hand. However, I still have to add IK Solvers to the hands (which I wish I knew how to do, lol). When all is done, I will release the rig for everyone to use. I can release the beta, if you all would like; all of the bones, gizmos, and dummies are renamed to easily recognizable names, and everything is linked properly. However, all of the bones are still able to be moved, and rotated in some orientations that they shouldn't be (I.E. the forefingers).

What I would like to do is add IK Solvers so that if I move the arm dummy, the hand stays in its position and rotation; if I move the hand however, obviously the arm dummy is going to have to rotate slightly to match it. How can I do this in 3DS Max? I studied Nick's rig, but I couldn't figure it out.

Here is my current progress. (Thanks to Nick for the original hand rig, which I used for the camera.)

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