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Rules for project BBB
« on: December 31, 2010, 09:52:01 AM »

Here are the rule of project Bring Back is a Bitch, silly name I know we will change it later, if you want to be a part of project BBB you will included in the MRTF team so you will have to follow the specific rules of the team as well as the one of HLC (since there is no wirtten rules just don't act like an idiot).

  • This is a community project every ideas can be discussed
  • If the discution on an idea is going on a flamewar the project leader will have the final word
  • If you want to request a leadership on a project ask here
  • If you think a mod need a pack ask here
  • Just because you think a mod needed a pack doesn't mean it will be done in the next days
  • When you take the lead on a project open a WIP thread here
  • If you take the lead on a project discuss your ideas first
  • When a idea is approved by a majority of people it become a job, modify your original post in the WIP thread and wait
  • Remember you don't have a dedicated team, only people who want to work on something specific (one of the job you posted, if that wasn't clear enough)
  • Being a community project, somebody have to bring all the pieces together, that's the job of the project leader
  • Keep things simple, it shoudn't take more than a full week of work to complete the pack
  • Use the community ressources, don't redo things that have been done already, check our work base
  • Remember we are trying to bring older good mod to light, no to create new ones, if your ideas are going to far away from the original work, go wild and make your mod
  • WE ARE NOT STEALLERS, keep a full list of credits, and post it with the redux mod
  • WE ARE NOT STEALLERS, again no illegal content of course
  • If you are hacking a model, assume you have the liberty to use it, UNLESS THE README SAYS OTHERWISE, or if the original(s) author(s) came here to say you can't use it
  • Try to contact the orignal(s) author(s) of the mod, to get ideas, approval, sources files, or even better a new team member
  • If you get in touch with orignal(s) author(s) of the mod and they decide to fully participate to the pack, respect their idea, it's their mod afterall
  • If you are a mod's orignal(s) author(s) reading this for the first time, don't be affraid to jump in, we don't bite and we will respect your descision  

Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again

Remember our goal we are trying to bring old mod back to life, mods that didn't had the chance to have a full team working on it, or with a team that didn't had the ressources we have, when you are working on a pack try to make models that fit the general idea of mod

Thank you for time and dedication
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