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Author Topic: Valve now allows people to sell (yes sell) their mods on Steam Workshop  (Read 1449 times)


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And I thought Greenlight and Early Access were the worst ideas they've ever thought up, but this is just fucking absurd...


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While i agree that great content creators should be able to at least make some money out of their great work of art, i fear that this may have grave consequences to the usual sharing and caring attitude that mods usually have.

Heck, or even modding in general.

For one thing, let us mention the incompatibility issues in case of patches!

Valve updated Half-Life and 2 recently and you can see very clearly the damage!

Cry of Fear had to turn standalone!
Nightmare House 2 is unplayable unless you dump the files in the mod, which screws with low sized hard disk users.
MANY mods had to have their gameinfo.txt or other script based mod to be replaced by the author, but what about those that had already move on?

And what about modders that lack in a particular skill?

The original version of Underhell Chapter 1 had to use MANY other stuff from other mods, and i say Underhell is one enjoyable game, the gameplay at least.

If tools or mod resources have costs, than people who want to mod will be essentially be crippled.
We wouldn't be able to mod since there's no resources to mod with!

Mod resources would have to be paid to be used, if we use the resource to make a part of a large campaign mod for instance, we probably need to pay the author, which means like it or not, this mod you're making has to be a paid mod.

Now of course we can have the choice of using paid or unpaid mods.

But then comes again the issue that most modders will no longer make mods out of passion or love of the games/community, they'd just be making it for the money, which will cause free mods that the community can share and talk about with to be VERY little in amount, since people will hold on to their tools and editors, so that only they be the ones who make the mods and such.

And 24 hours for refund! My download speed is monumentally slow! What if i paid for a mod, haven't even finished downloading it yet, found out that the mod is bad later on, only to find out that i can't take a refund since i spend the 24 hours to download the mod in the first place!

What if we prefer a part of many mods?
My HL game consists of pieces from other mods stuck together, mostly overhaul mods.

If overhaul mods are to be paid now, that means that we would be paying full price for stuff that we wouldn't need!

And apparently Valve and Bethesda got MORE profit than the modders themselves, which is even more bull in my opinion.

And then the community split.
The mod wars.
The hate on modders and consumers.
The small payment for a mod creators that are usually teams.
The thieving (Already happened, Fishing mod anyone?)
The depression.
The pirating.
And finally, the simple fact that mods will end up like DLC, where everyone said that they hated it, yet still support it to the point where CB DLC will be the norm in the future.


Prepare for unforeseen consequences.
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